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  1. UbuntuBirdy

    YouMagine covered in spam

    One more spammer: https://www.youmagine.com/su-ka/designs
  2. UbuntuBirdy

    could not connect to package database

    Thanks a lot for the link. Hmm... yes it works, but... I can not sign in... so it does not work... I'm not sure...
  3. UbuntuBirdy

    could not connect to package database

    Same problem here. Cura 3.4.1 AppImage on Ubuntu 18.04... ... and that means, I can not use the coolest feature ever... the settings backup... This is really the baddest joke until now in 2018!!!
  4. UbuntuBirdy

    Printing Porshe 911

    Only the hull or even the whole casco is really no problem, there are many possibilities to manage the problem. But printing the finished boat incl. the whole interior, this is what burns my brain... Probably your tip about the architecture series is what would fix my problem, but man, I'm a reeeeealy lazy dog... Perhaps, if I'm bored enough, I will start to modify the hundrets of details in my main project... Anyway, thanks for the tip about the architecture series, it's extremely interesting!
  5. UbuntuBirdy

    Printing Porshe 911

    In my case (boat architecture) the printed model is just for fun, nice to have, but not necessary. So yes, it would be almost twice the work.
  6. UbuntuBirdy

    Printing Porshe 911

    I know, I was only joking. I need the models in real scale and if I have to build them in a print scale I have to do the work twice. You know, I'm a lazy boy and that's why I am looking for a easier way, like a minimal-shell-thickness-function or something like that.
  7. UbuntuBirdy

    Printing Porshe 911

    @kmanstudios - you forgot to say sorry to bitch a bit... ? I know this problem myself. It happens if i create a model in scale 1:1 and scale it down in cura. It's logically that the shell is too thin in this case. I wonder if there is a simple trick I have not been able to find so far ...
  8. UbuntuBirdy

    Ultimaker Cura Prefix

    Yes, i know that, and i love this possibility!
  9. UbuntuBirdy

    Ultimaker Cura Prefix

    Absolutely not needed! I like to have files with the same name from CAD, STL, GCODE. We have the extensions, wo have different icons and we have time and date of creation of the files. For me this is a absolute useless feature - but that's only my opinion.
  10. UbuntuBirdy

    What causes this noodle print issue?

    You changed the nozzle in the printer, but did you also change the nozzle diameter in cura? Looks for me like the material flow is not right set for the nozzle diameter.
  11. UbuntuBirdy

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Ok, guys, as long as you do not have a solution for that spam-problem you have to shut down youmagine. Elseway you will run into massive troubles! That problem is terribly out of control here at youmagine! And it's not a "yeah, we can wait until.." problem, it's a now or never problem! So fix it now, no matter how, but fix it!
  12. BIG thumbs up! This would be also grate for backing up this data. And because of that missing feature, i'm using the older PPA from Thomas Karl Pietrowski and not the the newer appimage...
  13. UbuntuBirdy

    Smartphone Stand Round and Round

    Version 1.0.0


    elegant swinging smartphone stand The idea was a smartphone stand, where you have the ability to connect your standard charging cable... ... and then inspiration began to flow...
  14. UbuntuBirdy

    YouMagine covered in spam

    https://www.youmagine.com/john-veggy/designs lots of illegal stuff posted by this a...
  15. UbuntuBirdy

    YouMagine covered in spam

    @Nicolinux thx a lot, but do you know Sisyphos? https://www.youmagine.com/lovesastrology/designs https://www.youmagine.com/onlineastroyatra/designs https://www.youmagine.com/astroconsults/designs https://www.youmagine.com/preetiyadav/designs https://www.youmagine.com/lovedisputeproblem/designs

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