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  1. https://www.youmagine.com/jassicamark/designs
  2. In my experience stringing increases with higher temperature and with better quality material it decreases. But hey, do not make life harder than it needs to be: these strings are so easy to break away, so just ignore this effect!
  3. https://www.youmagine.com/silvershine/designs
  4. https://www.youmagine.com/plum-weddings/designs
  5. Ok, the settings I talked about were not the ones I'm using at the moment, had older ones in mind. But they are not that different:
  6. Are your cooling fans working from the first layer on? I had similar issues like you described them. I changed the settings for the cooling fans: they start at a print height of 1.5mm and only with a few rpm. The rpm will increase with every layer starting at 1.5mm print height.
  7. Hatte vor n paar Wochen das selbe Problem und die Ursache war (nach schier endlosen Versuchen mit den Einstellungen in Cura) ne verstopfte Düse. Warum die Probleme erst weiter oben im Print auftauchen habe ich allerdings nie herausgefunden...
  8. All true and I know it is important to serve especially these clients with more up-to-date-products. But this is not what I'm talking about. Since UM2+ there was no new product for makers and there is still no product for beginners! So what I think a new product could look like is something between UMO and UM2+ or even below UMO. Or a cheaper, not that accurate but bigger printer. Or perhaps something to recycle brims, supports and fails: a shredder and a extruder for making your own filament... Or a modular upgrade for the UM2+ with e.g. a new mainboard (and firmware) and then options to add an filament sensor or (like you mentioned with Octoprint) a network connection or a camera or newer steppers or different hotends or or or... But this is only my opinion and I do absolutely not know what is the marketing strategy of UM. I do not want to say they do something wrong, I wanna only say it "could be" a wrong decision. Whatever the future brings, I'm totally happy with my UM2+ and I love the UM community and that's why I'll never regret buying a UM!
  9. hmmm... seems UM turns more and more to the business clients and away from the people that made UM the brand it is today... Of course UM tries to make as much money as possible as any other business (I would try the same in their position). But I'm not sure if it is a good decision to ignore the smaller clients that can not afford an UM3 or higher...
  10. https://www.youmagine.com/trainedbyjpnutrition/designs
  11. https://www.youmagine.com/david-anderson/designs
  12. https://www.youmagine.com/appleaso/designs
  13. You should post your questions in this thread
  14. Oh man dfrez, I have a backflash, right when I read your post! For me eSun is the worst filament I've ever printed with! For me there was only one solution that works: switching to another brand. And I've never had this issues since again!
  15. Absolutely right, but you can find it, life forever and ask yourselfe, why the next print after finding the grail turns out not as perfect as expected... Even the room temperature and the humidity in the air can affect your printing result. But you can find settings to reach the goal allmost and often this is just what you need. If not, you can add a few tenths of a millimeter and sand or drill or whatever your need to reach the precision you want or need to have. This additional effort will be worthwhile compared to alternative production methods.
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