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  1. Um den Widerstand im Bowden-Schlauch zu verringern, kannst du ein paar Tropfen Weissöl auf das Filament geben. Mach ich immer mal wieder und fahre sehr gut damit.
  2. Und hast du mit den Temperaturen auch schon verschiedene Einstellungen probiert? Mein Vorschlag wäre: Bett 50-55 Grad und am Hotend dafür 215 Grad (passt besser zur Flowrate).
  3. If you want to, but do it not for me. My UM2+ gets a new PCB next week..
  4. So far I have only searched the G-code for G2 and G3 when testing. Today I wanted to test the plugin for the first time with a real print: unfortunately unsuccessful ... Even before the print starts, my UM2+ asks me whether I really want to allow the G-code to ignore the printer's settings. Well, let's try, I thought. And the printer starts right away: in the corner of the home position, it prints straight away without first heating up the bed or at least the nozzle and it keeps moving to the limit switch ... ArcWelder is apparently not usable for me ... What a shame ... What
  5. Bei mir sind's meist die Lüfter, die bei genau solchen Fahrten in Schwingung geraten. Kurz mit dem Finger drauftippen und Ruhe ist.
  6. You can use damper feet for your loud printers. I personally have mounted damper feet to my printer which have rubber balls for damping, and I can sleep beside my printer...
  7. Thanks, but I'm hesitating to type something like "osx" in my Ubuntu terminal...
  8. MAX already answered this question: we would all use the same parts without to have to download them and perhaps get a wrong stl.
  9. Me too - another reason for an UM2+ solution (one system) and against Octoprint (two systems)... But hey, I've allready found a very promising variant for using Octoprint (Raspberry Pi with appropriate HAT) without a PCB in the printer...
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally sure that Octoprint is a brilliant Thing and I do not expect any issues while using it. But a combination of an UM printer and Octoprint has way more possibilities for problems than a solution like the UM2+ where it's all from one supplier. And that's why the Octoprint solution is not a safe process. But you're right, since I'm not expecting any upgrade ever for the UM2+ (SandervG, you killed my hope! 😉 ) I will go with Octoprint. But perhaps with an DIY PCB... That's also not a safe process, but I can make it "a bit safer" than with the original PCB... But
  11. Do you know anything about process optimization? A solution with an UM printer and Octoprint is far away from a so called "safe process". It's safety - it's comfort - it's life quality! Oh, I wish I was unknowing and could be satisfied with Octoprint... (not that Octoprint isn't a brilliant product...)
  12. It is simple to look into the future: an upgrade for the UM2+ would never be more lucrative than now. The development of new technologies will go on and the compatibility to older products will disappear more and more... So, if not yet - then never (ok, perhaps for a retro version in 25 years, but I will not wait for such a long time). Hope dies last - but you killed it ... 😉 And I am grateful to you for killing it! The disappointment is still there, but you have calmed the anger...
  13. Thank you so much! This is what we (UM2+ owner) needed to know! There will not be an upgrade for our printer an we can invest the reserved money for other products.
  14. I can't and won't accept that because it's not the whole truth. But it is Ultimaker's decision and accordingly I no longer choose Ultimaker (and I will no longer recommend these products because I can no longer do it with a clear conscience). If the UM2+ should have been upgraded, the UM2+C would only have had to be developed accordingly. Obviously it wasn't lucrative enough ... Long live the UM2+, the last true Ultimaker printer!
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