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Oscar Vera


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Estamos teniendo problemas con el distribuidor de Girona (España) con una impresora totalmente nueva U3. Desde el primer día no funciona correctamente y no nos dan ninguna solución, todo lo contrario, ni nos atienden ya al teléfono. 


Carrer d'Emili Grahit, 15
17002 Girona 
+34 692 10 33 98

Alguien se ha encontrado con el mismo problema? Llevamos 6 meses y ninguna solución por parte del distribuidor.

Quedo a la espera de vuestras notícias





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Harás mucho mejor para publicar en inglés en otra publicación. Sander en este foro, que es un empleado de Ultimaker, necesita saber qué revendedores no ofrecen un buen servicio y Sander desea hablar con usted. No creo que sepa español. Creo que solo habla inglés y holandés.


También deberías explicar tu problema. Es posible que pueda solucionarlo usted mismo con los consejos de este foro, especialmente si publica su problema en inglés e incluye fotos.


Perdón por mi español - Usé el traductor de google.


@SandervG - this guy is having trouble with his reseller.


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Hi and thanks a lot for your quickly answer (I'm impressed because we are not used to this speed with our reseller  Tr3sdsland Girona)

The reseller even broke it more, as for "solving" the problem, he added another problem by puting the printer extruder at more than 300º and it displayed an ERR15.  

This was 3 months ago and we are still waiting for final solution.  

Our big company has many projects stopped since more than 3 months ago because of our printer errors.

 And the reseller is delaying solving the problem.


2 months ago we reclaimed a devolution but they put a lot of impediments and we are still waiting for it. They say Ultimaker doesn't change printers, but your company Ultimaker explains a completely different thing about guarantees in your website.


Nowadays (since more than 1 month), our reseller is not answering our phone calls nor answering our mails…. And we are really angry about the situation.


We hope Ultimaker is not real conscious of his reseller incompetence so we believe you could be able to find the best way to solve this unfortunately situation. Thanks in advanced 


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@Oscar Vera - if you are going to post in english you should really start a new topic.


ER15 can be seen here:  http://ultimaker.com/ER15


It's normally not a serious error - it implies that the heater can't keep up with the amount of heat desired.  For example if you set the temperature too high, or if you don't have the silicone white part at the base of your print head (I removed that once and got an ER15 when the fans came on and the colder air got inside the print head).


ER13 and ER12 are much more serious and usually they mean the temperature sensor on the print core is broken.  You can get ER15 mixed in with ER12 and ER13 sometimes.


Were you printing with a very high volume of filament?  For example, 0.8mm core, 0.4mm layers, 100mm/sec - that would be very high volume and might be difficult for your core to keep up with and *might* get an ER15.  One solution would be to slow down.  There are other solutions.


Getting an ER15 at 300C sounds normal to me.


Please start a new topic in the english section.  Please explain more issues you have been having with your printer.



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Problem is not the Tº, is not the heater, is not the extruder, ... is that  reseller can't not solve the problems and we a lost more than 3 moth without any solution and without any good 3d piece printed. Reseller was agree to change the printer and now is totally lost .. We are spending time and more time in emails, calls, etc... and we have not any answer. I hope, the brand could push to solve this situation becuase the patience is not ilimited. 

I'm sure you could  send us any  solution or mediate with 3dsland  to find it.




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Hola Oscar

Lamento mucho lo que te está ocurriendo y vamos tratar de darle una solución cuanto antes. De antemano, ruego disculpes las molestias que te haya ocasionado esta incidencia que pondremos todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance para que no vuelva a ocurrir.

Desde la web de Tr3sDland, tienes disponible un acceso exclusivo para clientes de Ultimaker donde exponer cada consulta o incidencia a nuestro Servicio Técnico Oficial. Te dejo por aquí el enlace http://ultimaker.tr3sdland.com/.

Por favor, cumplimenta el formulario con tus datos y nos pondremos en contacto lo antes posible.

Un saludo y muchas gracias.

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