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Problem with spiraling (vase mode)

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 I found a little problem with Cura 3.2.1. When I want to spiral objects, there are always ugly spots (for example small ledges and edges). These are already created when slicing (see pictures). It does not matter how I set the slicing tolerance. The stl also looks clean (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:124175). Is there a way to avoid that, or is it a bug?
best regards

sprial ohne glätten.jpg

sprial mit glätten.jpg

eine wandline.jpg

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Hi @Frank5300, have you actually tried printing this and seen flaws in the printed part?


I ask because when using spiralization, the layer view does show some artifacts that normally do not appear on the printed object. If there really are those artifacts on the printed part, please make the gcode available so I can check it. Thanks.

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I cannot see a problem with the gcode that has the smoothing enabled. The gcode that does not have the smoothing enabled has an obvious z-seam which is what I would expect. Did you print the version with smoothing enabled and see flaws? I find that hard to believe as the smoothing works well. I have sliced the stl and it looks good. I will print one tomorrow and see if there are any flaws.

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Hmm, well I can't explain that. I have looked at your gcode with 2 viewers (s3d and craftware) and can see no flaws where the z-seam runs. Looking at the gcode text, on every layer change it fiddles with the acceleration. I don't see why that should cause the problem you are seeing but it may be worth not making that change to the acceleration just in case it's having a weird effect. I can assure you that I have printed that same model today with zero flaws so I don't think there is a general problem with the spiralization but, obviously, it's not coming out right for you. BTW what happened in the middle, did you change the filament?

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I'm just printing the vase again, but I commented out the M204 commands in the gcode. So far (51mm height) I have no artifacts. Looking more closely at the gcode, it has also been noticed that there is a G0 command at significantly higher speeds in irregular z-distances. Why?

I do not know why that looks so funny in the middle. He drove very jerky in this section.


The finished print without changes in acceleration.


Edited by Frank5300
Attachment of the finished print.

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Hi Frank5300,


When I looked at your sliced vase using the monitor in Cura 3.2.1., I can see small hole (triangles) rotating around your vase.

If I used S3D, your vase look really nice..

Here is a picture:



I downloaded the .stl file for this vase and sliced using cura 3.2.1 and there was no issues, it looked very nice. Maybe there is some setting in cura that is creating this problem.


Anyway, good luck.





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Hi, I have to comment on my problem again. It is probably not changing acceleration which bothers but the connection between computer and printer. Maybe the Usb / Com3 interface is too slow. When I print from the SD card (like the last vase) I get significantly better results at all.

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