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Is it Stringing or is worse ?

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Hi there, 

My first post here :-)

See picture attached ... 

Printing PLA White at 0,3 mm layer and getting this 1 out of 3 times.

Any clue about what I should do to avoid it ?


0,3 mm is ti get a printing in 14 hours instead of 21 hours . Maybe I should go back to 0,2

I read that maybe I need to recalibrate the plate : I'll try it.


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Hi @Tibi, welcome to the community! 

Do you also have a photo from the other side? Did the prints already get loose from the build plate or did somewhere halfway the print broke?


Given some prints are fine, I reckon they got loose from the bed. In that case, I would indeed recommend to level the bed, and clean the glass plate. Do you use any adhesives like glue?

At what speed is your first layer?

You might find some tips to help you in this post

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7 minutes ago, SandervG said:

Given some prints are fine, I reckon they got loose from the bed.

I would agree with this as I have printed tall, thin parts and then parts come loose, even just enough to wobble, it will still deposit the material as if it was still in that spot and eventually, you get a mass of cosmic plastic.

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I agree with the above 2 posters.  Some of your parts fell over.  You need them to stick better.  For one thing it looks like you put too much glue down if you want parts to stick well - wipe that with a wet tissue to remove most of it and to spread it around thinner.  I show how to do this (and 2 other methods) in this video.  Plus I show how to level like a boss as if your parts tend to fall over you need to squish the bottom layer more:



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Hi there, many thanks for your feedbacks.

Yesterday I spent time in cleaning parts, lube and leveling to start from scratch.

Aaaaand this is the result of this night print ... even worse :-)

I guess my cleaning was to good and adherence was worse than before ... 

See the de-alignment on top of printing ... is it due to non sticking on glass bed ?




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I have printed crazier stuff vertically before and it worked out ok. This is from something I am going to be documenting online soon. It was produced while ill and just have a boatload of crap to sort through. But found this:


These were printed vertical because neither would fit in horizontal position. It is a 1/8 scale turbo charged V8 style engine from the 50's - 70's Tom Daniels/Carl Casper type of funny cars and trikes. So, it is big.



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Before starting a next 20hour print, I would suggest you first get your bed adhesion better, and try it on only one column, or on a very simple test piece. If it fails, you will lose less time and material.


Long thin models like these act like powerfull levers, so it would be a good idea to use a really wide brim, especially if your bonding is not optimal. Even better, make the brim so large that it connects all pieces together, so that it forms "one plate covering the whole bed". Or design an appropriate thin "base-plate" in your CAD-program, instead of using brim, but similar and with the same purpose. If you make that base-plate 0.5mm thick, or if you give it a few strengthening ribs, it will better withstand levering actions. And the models will wobble less, and thus quality near the top will be better.


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Hi there.

I made one column without any problem.

See my last print of this night (I was confident since my other prints were ok) ... and it stopped 4cm before the end.

I had a cloud of plastic in the printer (see first picture).

Strange as well is the melted zone in the close-up picture. Like if the nozzle was staying there.

Maybe I should go for a wider brim : what do you think ?


those problems happened after the upgrade to firmware 4.3.20180308 ... is there a way to go back to a previous version ?


I'll go for a factory reset of the printer and re-re-re-test



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