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Cura 13.06.5

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Hello everyone,

since discussions on the internet are mostly negative feedback and/ or bug tracking related I felt I needed to place this positive feedback here in the Cura section.

I installed Cura 13.06.5 in my Mac today to print a cookie cutter for my sister. I must say it was a clean install with no problem at all. The first run wizard worked fine and the printer was running within minutes from installing. The new bed levelling option in the first run wizard is a nice feature and the speed of Cura 13.06.5 is just amazing! Huge thanks to the Ultimaker team and probably Daid in particular.

Before this version I always had to choose between Netfabb (for it's speed in calculation) and Cura (for latest functionality). I have Netfabb running in my PC and I loved it in the beginning (october 2011). It's calculation speed and ease of use was way ahead of ReplicatorG/ Skeinforge at that time. Downside of Netfabb always was that you needed a license. Besides the price tag of this license I was limited to use it on my Windows laptop while I preferred my Mac at home. Second issue was (not any more!) that you couldn't print directly from Netfabb so I always had to export/ import the gcodes.

With V13.06.5 now available I don't think I'll need Netfabb any more. Time will tell if I'm correct but Cura now feels like a full-grown package to me. It works just awesome!

Cura 13.06.5 makes me smile now and will get me (back) into 3D printing. It is perhaps the version I've been waiting for since summer 2012.

Enough positive news, just wanted to share it with you :-)

Also sorry for those struggling to get it working correctly. Don't give up! When you get it running, you'll smile like me!



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FYI, I don't think there is a lot of negative reactions, there are loads of users. And with this new release even more (As more reprap users are switching to Cura)

As I pulled some features I would expect some complains. (Oh, and I have a vacation right now, so I'm only checking the forum for serious issues, which is why I'm pretty much silent in anything else)


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+1 for the topicstarter.

And in spite of the lack of many negative reactions: Hear Hear :-D

My vacation didn't went where it supposed to be but gave me the opportunity of playing around with the Ulti and I just received a box of new parts to upgrade her to a double headed version. (and only one week left, so who's complaining? ;-)

So Daid, Happy Holidays and enjoy the sun and all the smiling faces from the people around you and in this community.


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There is no slice button anymore. It just does it. It's so fast it probably finished before you noticed.

To save gcode, right click on the second button in top left corner.

To see gcode (slice) view click top right button.


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I recommend start by removing the {date} and {day} tags in the start code, this seems to solve the none-slicing issue for most people.


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the cursor will go from January to January.


Something translated wrong here. January is a month.

But maybe I understand you.

You should know some things about Cura:

1) Right click drag to ROTATE

2) Double click drag to ZOOM

3) Shift right click to PAN

4) In layer view use up and down arrows to change one layer at a time

Unfortunately most MACs come with a one-button mouse. I recommend you buy a 2 button mouse. Does anyone know how to do these things on a one button mouse?


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