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Netfabb Engine 4.9 coming soon!

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Hi there,

just wanted to give the community a quick update on the development of the Netfabb Engine. I was really happy to join Alex (from Netfabb) as well as Martijn & Siert from Ultimaker at the Netfabb headquarter for quick two day hack session to get some stuff fixed and improved.

Find some screenshots and photos in the Netfabb blog:


Features to come:

- _Real_ customized Gcode header & footer (with some macros), which enable us to setup great startup-routines for a more convenient "click & print" workflow

- Comb feature, as seen in the Christmas developer release

- Outline feature (which is probably unnecessary, when using a proper startup routine anyways

- Retraction settings finally have an effect, still needs some tuning

- Big one: Plenty of quick overwrite settings within the region rulesets to enable slower first layers, different temperatures and nice cooling strategies

- Some preliminary things for dual printing

Mac OSX specifics:

- Direct printing for Mac OSX, but Alex is still busy to make it reliable for Windows and OSX

- Crash through cutting bug fixed

- Plenty of visual bugs fixed

I've probably forgot some of the stuff, but you'll get the point: Things are moving forward. The release is planned within the next two weeks I think.



PS: If you have any bugs or small feature requests. Probably it's still time to summarize them here and get the fix or feature into the upcoming release.

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Woohoo, looking forward to it. I have one question though. What is the purpose of setting an M109 temp twice even though I know I will be able to configure it how I like now I've always wondered what the purpose of it was. Thanks for your work on this to Florian.

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I wouldn't put this in the "small" category but one thing that has been bugging me a bit is the following. Say you have two cylinders next to each other that the print head needs to jump between, the thing that has been bugging me in that situation is where the jump occurs. Would it be possible to have the jump happen at the point where the two objects are closest to each other? I realise that it would take a fair bit of clever calculations to make the z-jump happen at the right spot to make that happen though.

I do have a small request though. When rotating an object, please add an "Apply" button or something equivalent so that you can make several small adjustments without having to open and close the settings window over and over.

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Awesome - looking forward to this!

I have to say I'm slightly bummed by no mention of volumetric 5d. The math, I think, is well understood and people using my tool seem to think it works, though it's geared to E14 instead of E800-900 or so..

Any tips on what, if anything, I can do to help them with this stuff?

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Great news!!

I'm really looking forward to the direct print feature in OS X.

And the awesome "quick overwrite settings within the region rulesets".

Please leave a note in this thread when the update will be available.

Thanks and keep up the great work!!

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Any update on when the new version will be released?

What's the schedule? Looking forward to try it with all the new features..

I've heard that they're past feature-freeze so at this point, it's testing and bug fixing.. Hopefully it will be soon!

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