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UM2+ restart when start heating printbed AND printhead

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Posted · UM2+ restart when start heating printbed AND printhead

When the printer UM2+ starts heating up the printbed OR printhead it shuts down and restarts.

Power supply is the Meanwell GST220A24-R7B (9.2A, 221W max (see pic added)


Next thing i tried:

raise temp for only the bed manually in the advanced menu it shuts down.

raise temp for only the nozzle manally in advanced menu it shuts down also.


When i raise the temperature by 2°C, wait utill it get this +2°C, raise it again in steps of 2°C it doen't shut down.


Also when it shuts down i hear a click in that small white box (relais?)


Would a nex power supply help? Or ?









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    Posted · UM2+ restart when start heating printbed AND printhead

    That circled relay is K1.  That died on my printer (it was intermittent - I actually have a video about it demonstrating the problem - I could wack it and it would work again).  But I'm 90% sure that's unrelated.  You hear it click because the meanwell brick is turning off for a few milliseconds.


    I have about 6 of these meanwells.  Some are GST like yours and some are just GS.  The GST ones aren't as reliable.  Anyway you should get a new one.  They will turn off for just a few milliseconds but long enough to crash the arduino (and make K1 make that click sound).


    If the problem was only K1 you would lose some steps (if you were printing) but that does not affect the screen or the arduino - they have power in either position of K1.  Don't worry about K1.  It's the power brick.


    You can buy these on the internet or if it's still under warranty get one from your reseller for free.




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