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Ultimaker 2 - easter egg

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I don't want to give it away. Someone showed me at Makerfaire NYC. I played through one level and then just got another level. My daughter somehow shortcutted and got to the next layer with only getting one column of blocks. Didn't see any prize or anything - it just keeps going forever I think.

Anyway I guess I'll give a hint - it's not in any of the menus. There is no hidden menu or hidden menu option.

I'm kind of afraid people will get pissed off if they see there is a game in the UM2 yet it isn't doing... whatever it is they think is more important (better slicing algorithms, less underextrusion, less noise, who knows!).


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it seems to randomly reset after only removing a couple of blocks


If while quickly spinning you accidentally push too hard it goes back to the main menu. So it's a pain. But after 10 tries or so I got very good and was able to get every block. But then I just got the same level again and stopped.

For a while I tried to use left or right side of paddle to affect direction (which works) but that made me lose more often.


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Yeah, there is a bug in the "level cleared" detection code. That's how much time I spend on it ;-)

I kinda made it to test the graphic LCD routines I created. So little harm done there timewise.


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