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What could the Dream Ultimaker3 Look Like ? :-)

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What could the Dream Ultimaker3 Look Like ? :-)

I sometimes have a quick look at the iphone blogs and they are always thinking and contemplating and even rendering ideas of what the next iphone will look like.

As ultimaker is jumping from strenght to strenght, of course in the next year or two we should be looking forward to an ultimaker3 !.

So does anyone have any ideas or dreams or fantasies of what it could be like.. look like... ? :-)

Ian :-)


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If we stay with FDM:

Get the most out of your initial approach! The UM xy-gantry is one of the fastest setups, there is a bowden tube to keep moving mass as low as possible. What does UM2? Adds 3 fans to make a clunky printhead, a small, slow hotend and a weak extruder. So where is the difference to a dull Makerbot besides z-resolution. Sorry for being provocative, but UM should try to make the most out of its specific strenghts.

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UM3 should be a scaled up version... let's say 3x

Everything scales up - Larger build platform, larger nozzle... all for larger builds without taking a week to print (keep the UM2 for the detailed stuff)



Why settle for 3x if you can have 10x today?

Me climbing off a print after fixing the endstops for homing om the Kamermaker. Just another day at the office? :-)

2000x2000x3000 build volume.


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0.1mm Z resolution I suppose? :wink:


It could do that actually. The Z has 640 steps per mm movement. Which is better then the 533+(1/3) that the UM Origonal has. But it has only a 0.16mm X and Y resolution, and a 5mm nozzle or something like that.

It also uses a pellet extruder, no retraction, no oozing prevention. They are actually designing the paths to be printed, instead of using a slicer like Cura. It's quite a challenge to work at this scale. But it is slowly getting quite awesome :D

http://3dprintcanalhouse.com/ is the website for it. Ultimaker is only assisting in the project.


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Daid, thanks for this very interesting update! I've read about the project but this is the first picture of a printed part I see.

But I think most of us would have some troubles finding a happy corner for THAT printer. So please, don't exaggerate for the Ultimaker 3... :shock:


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Basically include all the cool upgrades that people have designed.

1. Better feeder. There seem to be several good options out there.

2. Sensor that detects if the filament has stopped moving.

3. Filament guides with bearings.

4. Free spinning spool holder.

5. Optional enclosure for ABS.

6. Mount the motors outside of the print volume so that enclosing it doesn't pose as much risk to overheating the motors.

7. Easy to remove nozzle.

8. Better control knob.

9. Some way to track how much filament you still have on a spool.

10. Filament cleaner/lubricator.

11. A fan to cool off the bed and part after printing. This way you can get parts off the bed faster.

12. Auto-OFF feature that will turn off the machine when prints are done.

I can live with out WiFi.

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