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UM2 Glasplate broke while printing.

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After removing my ~15h print i discoverd something shocking.

There was some glass broken off and sticking under the print. I think the Pictures says all.

It was my first large ABS print. buildplate Temp was 100°C until 30mm print height where i turned it down to 70°C. I did use some print stick (the original witch is delivered with the UM2).

I thought it would be no problem to heat the glass up to 100°C?

Maybe a material failure of the glass?

I can use the other side of the glass now, but if this happen again i got a problem :eek:






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Man... that is bad :(

Hope you can get a replacement or something, this stuff shouldn't happen....

For future reference, have you tried just leaving the print on the plate for a while until it cools off?

The print should pop right off the plate by itself as it cools, so you won't have to pry it off and risk damaging the glass...


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I also managed to get a very little part of the glass plate come off.

This happened because the print was really stuck to the bed and i had to pull it off with a lot of force. Main cause for me was not letting the print cool down enough. I now have no trouble as i wait enough the print just pops off the plate.

I now use the other side of the plate

My guess is that high temp for the buildplate can make the print stick to much and that using some tools to take the print off may damage the print. I never printed in ABS maybe it needs more cooling?


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Robert is just looking for more excuses to use his fancy flashlight!

You should be able to just flip it over and in the meantime ask Ultimaker for a replacement and consider getting some glass from a local glass shop. It will probably cost you very little.


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