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Bad luck - my third broken Ultimaker 2

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Hi all,

Four monthes ago, I purchased a brand new Ultimaker 2 which seemed a reliable machine.

When I've received it, I had many problems to level building plate correctly. Machine was not stable on a flat glass table. Chasis geometry was not correct.


Ultimaker support proposed me a swap to a brand new machine. :D

Some weeks later, I've received a brand new machine. But no luck again, this machine had a geometry problem on opposite side. A micro switch was also defective.


Ultimaker support proposed me again to swap to another machine.

Today I've received a new machine but again a problem with a broken micro switch.

Very bad luck for me...


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It's not you - it's the shipping (and packaging). Many people have warped UM2s and yet they print beautifully. Can't you just put a piece of paper under there?

Regarding the micro switch, it might be easier for you to just fix the broken part yourself.

It's actually possible to print with a broken X or Y microswitch (but not Z). You get the "rattle of death" but it prints fine after that is over. This is something worth fixing of course but if it were me I would ask UM for the part only - or more likely it might simply be you need to fix the metal part of the switch. Or something moved during shipping.

I think the guy who delivers to your house hates you. You will probably never get a working UM2 unless you just fix one of these yourself and again - it's probably pretty easy to fix.


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I really don't think that small amount of warp in the frame need make any difference. Indeed if you loosened the screws that hold the frame together, you could probably push it all square, and then tighten it up again.

However, my Ultimaker 2 - one of the early ones - was so badly damaged in shipping that it wobbles in the front left corner far more than yours, and the top cutout square is out of square by over 1cm from right to left. That said, the print results I get with it are http://www.extrudable.me/2013/12/17/highqualityultimaker2/. Of course it depends exactly what you need, but as George says, it might be better to stop worrying and start printing.

What exactly is broken about the end switch? Is the switch broken, or is it simply not quite lined up right to trigger when it needs to?


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I have to echo what gr5 and illuminarti are saying. I very much doubt that slight wobble will cause any issue at all. A bit annoying considering the price you paid, sure, but not game ending. My UM1 that I put together myself a few years ago has a slight wobble as well but served me very well.

And considering how many people have had misaligned switches after shipping I'm betting it's just a matter of re-adjusting it, I doubt it's actually broken.


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I find it very hard to say nothing.

And I've been thinking for a long time for the following lines.

I see zero motivation to help themselves...

But i can understand very well when someone apparently has no basic understanding in certain areas, and then the manufacturer asks for rectification, this is Consumer Law.

But, have no friends in the immediate vicinity, colleagues, or acquaintances who you can ask for help?

A person gets three occasions consecutively his new technical toy, and might want to do great things with it. But he fails in a small micro switch for a few cents, and a slightly wobbly housing?

There is a wisdom that says the following:

Things are safer on three legs than on four. An object with four legs is never absolutely flat on the floor, yet there is almost nothing with three legs. Ultimaker perhaps should reconsider the case design again, then we finally get perfect printing results.

If someone comes precisely for this reason, in the great forum with all the helpful people? To show us how great the Ultimaker support actually is?

I certainly know how great may be Ultimaker, because I have already received two spare parts for free and easily. Thank you Ultimaker.

Is this perhaps the reason why so many people have to wait, wait for the UM2, waiting for parts, waiting for accessories?

What will happen when the first screw from moving parts are loose?

Love it or leave it ...

I'm sorry


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(Just reporting from the sidelines)

A bit of wobble actually happens on 80% of the machines. It does not hurt printing, but it does feel a bit wrong. It actually comes out of how the machine is assembled, and assembly is looking into how to prevent&fix it.

The wooden machines did not have this problem as there was no play in the slots holding the machine together. The UM2 does has some play in here due to the milling work, and this causes the wobble.


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I have to say, that the OP...denisvic, has a right to complain. When you spend a large chunk of cash on anything, you want it to be right. Plus, it only helps product development when people want something better :)

That said, I also agree with all the points said above. My UM2 has this rattle/wabble too, but the second job I printed was a set of feet that sit under the machine...wobble stopped :)


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That sounds almost like, learn through pain, for the smallest errors.

This enables manufacturers to improve products, mostly that customer feedback over communication paths is enough.

Such a procedure is almost unthinkable in today's time. :arrow:

It is exemplary time and resource wastage, simply unprecedented. :???:

Six transports, perhaps thousands of miles, just madness. :shock:

I think it would be the best for all concerned have been if:

- The buyer informs the manufacturer about existing problems with the machine.

- The buyer would have consulted a local expert.

- Ultimaker would then probably very happy, over the Little cost of a correction.

- At the end everyone would be so much happier.

So we can and should no longer think today ...

Pooh ...

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