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Just a few thoughts:

6A, not true.

7A, no need to clean the plate unless it has become dirty really.

5B, if the filament has started to grind, don't just push the filament through and keep on printing. Clean the knurled sleeve so that it can properly grip the filament again. It can also indicate that something is wrong such as feeder pressure.

5BB, not sure I agree with this method. It seems a bit more complicated than it needs to be. I would rather just yank the material out completely, perform an "Atomic"/"Cold pull", re-insert the bowden and then try again.

1C, again, if the filament is grinding you need to clean stuff out before continuing IMHO.

1CC, if the print quality is bad, re-printing will likely create another bad print if you don't figure out and fix what caused the bad print.

1D, hmm, where have I seen this image and text before? ;)

2D, how will it damage the printer? Also, another section I recognize :p

2D2, I would say you should use something smaller than 0.4mm or you increase the risk of damaging the nozzle. It's also important to be gentle as brass is quite soft.

Bottom of page 13: You should probably remove the "#leaning" part of the URL so that it leads to the top of the page instead.


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You declare its a simple manual for beginners, but the beginning could be rather confusing for some users.

1A starts off with something that is not supplied with the printer and no description of what it is. I personally wouldn't use any sprays inside my printer as i wouldn't want any residue to get over everything, but that just my preference.

It would be good for complete novices to understand if, why, when they need to use adhesives, How much is to much? and how to apply the tape?

As with Roberts guides, pictures are always helpful. 7A would be a good example of this.

Just remember, everyone has different backgrounds and skill base. so it has to be written in a way that everyone can understand.


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