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  1. It will work. 610 are more available than 606 indeed:) As I can tell you, 606 are awesome, couse you do not need to check tension, and UMO prints prefectly on these using 80 steps. Calibration STLs are perfect.
  2. It saved my life! @tinkergnome, you're the boss! I also did one "+" upgrade by myself (without heater - so I used TinkerGnome FW). Same issue, same fix:)
  3. Temperature used to be fine now, but I had to set line width to 0.35 like in UM2. UMO did print perimeter lines not sticking to each other. Why is that? Any idea @gr5? Others?
  4. Hi gr5! I did check it. I reassembled whole head. Early this morning I switched my AD595 with another one (from another UMO) and it is working fine. I mean temperature is 210/210 about 99% of the time. I switches from 209 to 211 only. Prints are not 100% ok, but I'll handle that with some new nozzle/teflon. Should I recheck soldering on TC1 board? PS. Strange, my 2012 UMO TC1 board (green) is different from older one (blue) - mirrored.
  5. Hi, I used my UMO since 2012 (added HBK upgrade some time ago). It is a great printer. I prefer it from UM2 or UM3. It's the best 3d printer ever. Till now. My printer, stopped working properly, just like that. Temperature jumps from 200 to 230, while set to 210. I can't print with it. It happened only on one of my UMO's. Don't know why. I've seen but it did not help. I've uploaded slowPWM firmware from https://bultimaker.bulles.eu and reassembled head to separate FAN wires as far as it can be done. Need help:)
  6. Why not use lightweight servo instead of stepper motor? Servo could be easly attached to for ex. pin 13 (like BL Touch).
  7. @SandervG some help with my case? What can I do? I tried to remove 3.1 from configuration folder, but it is importing from 2.6.
  8. @maht maybe you can help me. I am using Cura on Mac (10.12.6) and my profiles do not import to new versions. It happens since 2.7. In 2.7, 3.0.1, 3.0.3, 3.0.4 and now in 3.1 I got profiles from 2.6.x (4?). That's all. It do not import materials, printers and profiles. Why is that? I got now Cura 3.0.3 and Ultimaker Cura 3.1 both. Old one got it all, and 3.1 shows only profiles/materials/printers from 2.6. It's huge problem for me to import everything manualy (I have lot more printers and materials added).
  9. My was pushed way too far, and I haven't any metal piece uncovered. I've tried to twist, to heat and use some vibrations. Unfortunately it didn't work:/ I'll try 3dsolex
  10. I know it is an old thread, but I just bought Olsson Block and my UM2 is dead, couse of PT100B is damaged - I couldn't remove it. Now it is in 3 parts:/ (last one was drilled out). Printer is obviously out of warranty. Have you checked some PT100B sensors from 3rd parties? It is quite expensive.
  11. I found this mod makes UMO extremly quiet printer. Old extruder was noisy, specially while retract. That is awesome (I use medusa 20T to 40T with GT2 110 belt).
  12. I would not backtrack this, couse got not time to spent. If it will occur again with new version I'll investigate.
  13. I've upgraded from 2.6 to 2.7 than to 3.03. My settings from 2.7 were in 3.0.3, but materials and profiles not. I got profiles and materials from 2.6. All changes made in 2.7 disappeared. I got it restored, but many other says it's common.
  14. I did same with Ultimaker Original. There is BD679 to be resoldered.
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