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  1. Well done Ultimaker, you're everywhere. Happy new year.
  2. Hi. I've just tried to load this model in 14.12.1 and its grayed out. The same model loads ok in 14.07. Machine settings are the same. What am I missing here?
  3. Today is my birthday - Yay! But .. . . I just kicked up Google to look something up and the daily cartoon is a birthday cake, presents etc. and it says "Happy Birthday Gerry". Scary or what? Just what does that company know about me - tremble.
  4. The stepper motors will be fine. After a 25hr print in a fully enclosed chamber printing abs at 250c on a 100c bed the um2 xy motors reached 70c.
  5. Is this a Gallery bug? There are actually two pictures in Jan's gallery, although they are in "Australian" mode.
  6. It sure does. You're spot on with the 0.2mm layers. I'm Using natural ABS at 250c on a 100c kapton bed. I've now printed three legs, one more to do.
  7. From Woofy ("the wishor") to everyone ("hereinafter called the wishees"): Please accept without obligation, explicit or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, politically correct, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion or secular practice of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions. Please also accept, under aforesa
  8. A year on, and the UM2 continues to impress me. I started a print today with very little hope that it would succeed. It's a leg for my quadcopter. At 170mm tall and 10mm at the toe, stability was going to be an issue. Near the top is a lip which needs to be well formed so the leg cannot be printed the other way up, which would be more natural, Also at the lip, the leg is sealed and as I wanted this as light a possible I turned all support off which means the UM2 would have to print in free space to cover it. So with little hope I came back 3 hrs later and - Whoopie - Impressed.
  9. Wow, lucky you. I don't think there are any multirotor meets near where I live (Norfolk/Suffolk border - uk). My 2nd generation quad (posts #164, #173 above) decided to pick a fight with an innocent unarmed tree the other day. Tree 1 - Quad 0 Now retired with a broken arm. Design of generation 3 is well under way though, and will also include FPV this time.
  10. That definitely re-defines "printed" circuit board Nice one.
  11. Another Geomagic Design user here, and yes - it crashes a lot on complex models. Save Very often.
  12. Fascinating, thanks for sharing Daid.
  13. 1322g is heavier than I'd expected but I can see it now with the photo. Mine is 1.4kg and I've yet to fit the camera and gimble. The apm has a pid autotune feature. If you can get it to hover in Alt. hold mode, maybe you can use that to do the fine tuning. If you are using the compass in the GPS module and if it's the same as mine (the hobbyking kit) then you might want to check the direction, it looks to be around 45 degrees CW from where it should be for north to be the forward direction. I like where you have the gimble, and that you have made your own. I have this controller winging the
  14. @gr5 What is the take off weight of your quad? From the motors you listed a few posts ago it looks as if you have over 3.5kg of thrust available. From what I've read, a quads thrust should be double its weight so a 1.5kg quad would be about correct. If its much lighter than that it could give stability problems for being over powered. Do you have a photo in ready to fly condition? My 1st quad had a similar sprung flight controller mount. I've had quite a few iterations of this and I think its firm and stable enough now. I'll try to get a flight video together over the weekend - weather per
  15. My 1st quad has now been retired after have one crash too many :sad: but the 2nd version is ready to go I learnt allot from the 1st one, especially not to by cheap rubbish. The flight controller did not have the sophistication I needed so that had to go and I'm now using this one. The body was not large enough to hold a decent sized battery and all the new electronics so that is now much bigger - about as big as I can print on my UM2. below is a cut-away showing the battery mount and above that the printed sprung mount for the flight controller. The original flight controller was stuck
  16. Hey Didier, Congratulations on your upgrade, now the hard work starts :wink:
  17. I cover the glass plate with Kapton tape.Then dip a rag into acetone and wipe it on an old failed ABS fragment to bring a little ABS onto the rag. The Kapton surface is wiped with that and it puts a fine ABS film onto the Kapton (but make sure you do it cold). It sticks like s**t to a blanket when hot and releases reasonably well when cold. The bed is heated to 110C before printing at 250C.
  18. When a designer posts an item on Youmagine, they are given a selection of licenses that they can assign that item. So the answer is: Read the specific license for the item you are interested in.
  19. What is going wrong with 3/4 prints? Blocked nozzle? Not sticking to the platform? Or what? I'm guessing I get 90%-95% success.
  20. Congratulations guys, it's a well deserved winner.
  21. For ABS I use 110 bed and 250 nozzle, for PLA I use 70 bed and 220 nozzle. I think 75 is too high for PLA, even my 70 is said to be too high. Readhttp://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3404-printing-on-glass/ by gr5.
  22. It would be helpful to say which machine and material you are using. I can print 200mm x 200mm ABS prints on the UM2 without a raft at all, just brim. I don't think a new raft design is really needed.
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