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  1. I forgot to add it was all modeled in Sketchup and sliced with Cura
  2. I have had my UM2 for a year now and can say without a doubt I love my machine. Once I got past the initial teething and upgraded the problem areas she prints beautifully. I am a C-5 quadriplegic with no finger function and I have no problems running and maintaining my machine on my own "for the most part". Oiling, leveling, changing filament, cold pulls, changing tips, (O-BLOCK), removing prints, cleaning the bed, support removal. This is a HUGE deal for me as it allows me to be creative and build adaptive equipment that brings me more independence. I love and want to thank the UM commu
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  4. Next time add fiberglass fibers to the mix and it will be far stronger and even if you crack it the fibers will hold it together
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