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  1. Heb dit ook eens voorgehad. Het gaat om die.gz. Als je dat verwijderd is het in orde. Als ik me goed herinner heeft het te maken hoe je de code opslaat. Je moet eens proberen met opslaan als en dan de goede extensie kiezen.
  2. Misschien hebben ze bij trideus nog rollen zonder nfc liggen. Kijk eens op hun webshop. Gr.
  3. Moet het echt pla van ultimaker zijn? Ik gebruik ice filament van trideus, van de zwarte en witte hebben ze zelfs grote rollen, scheelt heel wat tegenover ultimaker en print net zo goed als filament van ultimaker.
  4. Hi, Is the printer still for sale? Price? Witch country you are living? Can you send me a PM please? Gr, Martin
  5. Did I miss something? Are the STL files already available? I have read this thread a few times, but I do not find anything about the files. Just to know if I can start with the adjustments.
  6. Thanks for the reply RudydG I already have an olsson block, and customized cooling fans. So when I buy a feeder I'm done with it? Can I just update the firmware via cura to ultimaker2+?
  7. Hi, I was searching on the forum but I didn’t find an answer. Probably my method of searching is wrong. Is possible to upgrade my printer to a ultimaker2+ with only changing the feeder. Can I use the original main board and update the firmware to the ultimaker2+ ? If so, is it just updating the firmware to 2+ via cura 2.6….. or did I need to make modifications with the arduino software? Thanks in advance,
  8. SUPER!! this gonna be my next project in the winter.
  9. Ooops, thanks for the tip. I will download it this evening.
  10. Hi, Where can i download the 2.5 BETA 2 version? The downloadlink says versoin 2.5.1
  11. Maybe you can also take a look here https://ultimaker.com/en/community/39185-trying-to-get-better-underside-surfaces
  12. I do that in the drawing application. There's no possibility to do that in cura, but another question, witch version of cura do you use? If you have the latest version, than you have the possibility ti print "a roof" o' your support, that's almost the same as making an extra layer.
  13. maybe you can create an extra layer below the surface that has to be good. Most of the time i'm using an offset 0.1 à 0.2 mm, extrude it with +- 1mm and there under comes the support. normally you can peel it easy from the printed part. sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand what i mean.
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