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  1. (thanks guys ! waiting for the extra feeder motor I totally forgot to buy... otherwise I have everything ready ? )
  2. Thanks @michelide. And what about the plastic bit of the head, did you have to drill it too ?
  3. First of all, thanks a lot @tinkergnome for your help ? I very appreciate your work and it totally change my every day life of production with the UM2+ ? I put the pics of the printer. I think there is enough room for the electronics but the plastic part only have one hole. And I would have to find a way to attach the second Bondtech extruder. Thanks for your input, I'll play with cura to see if it is possible.
  4. Basically I want smg like the picture. I'll print a mount for the additional feeder (like the mark2 mod) and I remove the nozzle of the unwanted head. Then I'll have to find a way to connect the other components and to be able to "switch" when slicing...
  5. Ok ! Maybe I did not explain this properly... I want two heads but only single extrusion. Basically, if I want to print a vase, I want to be able to print it completely using the right head alone (without a nozzle inserted on the left head). Then the print is finished and I remove the part. And then I print it with the left head alone (without a nozzle inserted on the right head). That's why I posted this, there is a lot of doc about multiple head AND multiple extrusion on the UM2+, but nothing on multiple head and single extrusion. Is it easier to understand ? Maybe I
  6. Thanks @michelide. What kind of head travel issues would you have ? If you remove the nozzle of the unused head it should be ok, doesn't it ?
  7. Hello guys, I want to run different tests on my UM2+, basically I want to be able to toy a bit with a head (heat block, nozzle, cartdridge, feeder, etc.) but I want to keep the abilities to print. So I was thinking of keeping my stock head, and building the custom made one next to it, on the available slot. To avoid the nozzle collision issue, I'll just have to install the nozzle of the head I want to use... But I do not know how to do it properly at a software level. The aim is to be as smooth as possible when using a head or the other. If you happen to know some documentation
  8. Wow !! Thank you very much @fergazz how is it possible to talk with you about the way for me to purchase such glassplates ? I really want to get rid of this annoying problem ?
  9. Now the spool is on a spool holder with bearings and there is less friction than with a regular spool (but it's taking a lot of place XD) I took care of the angle from which the filament enters the feeder and it's printing like a charm now ! Thanks @phantom ?
  10. thanks @phantom the problem was the increased friction due to the increased weight of the spool the tension was building itself on the filament guide and every 5/10 seconds the tension was released and it "clicks" I strongly advise a separate spool holder for this size...
  11. Hello ! I recently changed my PLA supplier (now PLA economy from Colorfabb) in 2.2kg spool and I started to hear clicking sound on both my UM2+. I have bondtech feeders, tinkergnome and (normally) I set everything up correctly. I do not have underextrusion at all... I tried to loose the tensionning screw on the feeder and to increase the printing speed but I still have this (VERY ANNOYING) clicking sound. It occurs each 5 or 10 seconds. Maybe I did not hear it before because of the size of the spool and the lack of resonance... Do you have an idea ? If you nee
  12. @fbrc8-erin I have juste finished removing the 3D Solex couplers and they are totally worn out ! The problem is now solved... thanks a lot ?
  13. Working great !! thank you very much !!
  14. Thanks to your comment I tried two things : the one you said and the exchange of the PTFE coupler with the old stock one I had. And here is the conclysion: it appears that the 3D Solex PTFE coupler is ageing very badly... So the interior of the coupler is degrading, letting the PLA to expand. And the tip of the coupler is somewhat shrinking so the ring can appear. I'll make other tests to be sure btw. Thank you very much @fbrc8-erin !!
  15. Thanks @stu_le_brew. I've just done that, I'll put the result in several hours ?
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