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  1. Hi all. Per model settings-->print as support in Cura 4.1: it seems not to work. Or something has changed compared to Cura 4.0? In case of change any tutorial with the new settings (or changed settings)? thank you.
  2. Hi Experts!!! There are problems with using Printcore CC-0.6 with PLA, ABS, Nylon and other ultimaker materials to be printed with AA Printcore? Ultimaker says: " Since the print core CC Red 0.6 is specifically designed for use with composite materials, it is not supported with any of Ultimaker’s own materials." What do you think? Someone tried? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi. Awesome upgrade. Many thanks. Just two little problems: no temperature monitoring during the printing process and the usual problems with materials not recognized (needs an overriding for printing) Very good job. erman58
  4. Hi SandervG. Thanks for the info. I will try this new release of Cura.
  5. Hi. Some doubts about the procedure. To start with, a clarification. Are the X axles the topmost ones while the y the lower axles? Because in the procedure it start saying the "left X axle" and then it refers to it as "back X axle" but from my understanding X and Y axles are the parallel couples so it shouldn't be possible to have both a "left" and a "back". From now on I'll refer to the X axles as the topmost couple while the Y axles are the ones below (as in figures at points 2 and 3). If this assumption is wrong please point it out. Point 2: It starts with "Make su
  6. Hi. Version 3.2.1 on win x64. 1) I noted some discrepancies between same parameters of the same profiles (temperature in this image, but i can highligth others differences) What are the parameters that the printer actually uses? Or i don't understand something? 2) I noted also different name parameters between the two windows (procedure) and also the two windows and cfg files . Is it possible standardize the parameters names? 3) Suggestion (again): adaptive layer is good as idea if an user can establish range of layers with an user fixed height: for
  7. Thanks fbrc8-erin for calibrate operations differences. Still remain other question: menu tree with options explained (and documented?) If someone knows...
  8. menu tree, fbrc8-erin. And also content of each option in the menu (why two operations in XY calibrations? what's the difference between "calibrate XY offset" and "change XY offset"?) knel, thanks... but you are off topic. i know what is the calibration and where is the only one operation manual page description. The other operation description (change xy offset) where is described in the manual? bye
  9. Hi guys. First question: on firmware UM3 under System-->Maintenance-->Calibration, there is the second option "Change XY offset" (see photo attch) What is the utilization of this option, and more important for me, where i can find informations and the flow diagram of this option? Second question: all the UM3 firmware options are documented somewhere? Many thanks herman58
  10. ... no change restarting computer. Another: no plugins version upgrade 3.1 to 3.2. Why? (win version) Are you sure that it's all ok? Suggestions? Thank you
  11. Hi guys. In "layer view" i just see "compatibility mode" instead of previous color scheme with 3 options, feedrate, material color, and line type. I seen a flag in general settings about the "compatibility mode". It's referred to that (in this case it's not functioning. Second question: where to find a manual (or an upgrade of manual) with the new functions? Thanks in advance to anyone will help. Herman
  12. Hi. If i get printer status using API Documentation --> Printer --> get printer status " get /printer/status Implementation Notes Get the status of the printer Response Class (Status 200) string Response Content Type Hide Response Curl curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' '' Request URL Response Bod
  13. Hi. Material: Kmanstudios thanks. You have confirmed my idea. I hope correction, as stated by Ctbeke, will be available asap. Just a further observation: if you duplicate a material modifying name, brand, color, maintaining the material type and avoid to "unlink material", this new material does not give problems! Someone knows why? Maintenance date updating: unable to do whit an hotspot. Trying wiht LAN modifying ip addresses to use the ip provided from a printer: no change: my maintenance date are all 1970 january 1. Maintenance data and date are usefull for m
  14. Hi all. He have the same problem with maintenance date and time and also another problem. I created a new PLA material different from generic PLA; all ok when i prepare the slicing: material and also profile are personalized but are accepted and used from the software. After when i send the command "print over network, i receive a message about utilizing UNKnow material and i am invited to change the printer AA configuration to unknown material to print... It is not so good!!! (also because i do not understand the exact meaning and follow-on of this action on the printer)
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