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  1. Awesome sauce !! I just found this thread. As some of you have seen, I am trying to convert my UM2+ to a UM3+ sorta. I already did Mark2 conversion and that just works great!. however, I wanted to run the UM3 head with the cores, so I bought the head assembly and some cores, bout the Olimex board etc... Now I see I can just use the UM2 head and ther DXU modified MK2 code to possibly get the dual extrusion working with the shift lever. I guess what I really learned form this thread was that I don;t need the damn UM3 electronics to make the UM3 head work. sure won;t have the RGB LED function on the cores or the data etc. but it should mechanically work fine. Cool, I may give this a shot over the weekend. now if it was possible to get the capacitive level sensor working in the UM3 head 🙂 I need to check into that, probably possible.
  2. Since I have the Olimex already, I plan to use it, I really just want to hook it all up like the UM3 has it, and load the FW backup image and see how it goes. I want the full capabilities of the CORES the RGB indication lights, the capacitive autolevel sensor etc. Once I find a wiring diagram I should be close to having the info I need. I think I need to buy or make the Olimex adapter board though. Do I need to swap out the display? or is it the same as the UM2 hardware ? Do I need to flash the Ultiboard with something else also ? I can build all the cables etc. I realize this probably all sounds idiodic, but it IS the direction I am moving forward with.. Also going to integrate the DoBot Magician on the sliding rail kick to grab finished prints and then I'll find a way to auto start a re-print command, hopefully form the DoBot controller. to automate 3D printing
  3. Hello, I am converting my UM2+ to a UM3 ( I was gifted the UM2+ so it's not toooo crazy for me to invest in converting 🙂 I just received the Olimex A20 LIME2 board, I have the UM3 head assembly and 2 cores, I 3D printed the Nozzle Shift lever bracket on my Form-2 and will use the UM3 cad file to properly locate the drill holes to position the nozzle shifter on the right cabinet wall. I found the files to load the linux system I'm having trouble locating a wiring diagram for the UM3 system. I think I need to get the Olimex adapter board 2005-H ? I just need to see what other components I need to buy before I tear it apart 🙂
  4. Will this firmware allow me to re-do the nozzle docking parameters to actuaste the lift mechanic on the UM3 print head ? I'm doing the crazy thing of literally turning my UM2+ into a UM3+ I have the head, print cores, need to get the Linux board next. But I think for now I will just use this mark 2 FW to drive the UM3 head with basic functions until I get the linux board installed. Is anyone else doing this ?
  5. I have a UM2+ currently with the magnetic docking dual print setup and this FW and that is neat and works good. I just acquired a UM3 print head assembly. can I use this firmware to control the UM3 print head assembly while mounted in my UM2+ ? I'm a super DIY savvy type 😉 I'll swap out the control board only if I really need to 🙂
  6. That is correct, I updated the UM2 to a UM2+ and then bought a second UM2+ head assembly. This was all very intuitive and easy to setup, Boy those geared feeders sure make a difference ?
  7. Success ! stuck with the PolyMax PLA parts. did my first dual color print. Worked flawlessly ! so cool watching it dock and un-dock. ! Great stuff . used Cura 3.2 VID_20181014_171005.zip
  8. I got a little nervous using PolyMax PLA for the head and coupler parts so I am re-printing some parts at work today on the Form 2 using V5 tough resin. I'll post pics when the parts are fully grown ?
  9. Hey everyone, well I am going to do this mod to my UM2 now. I just recieved 2X of the 2+ extrusion upgrade kits with geared feeders and olsons. Just awaiting the adapter pcb from GR5 to begin the process. This is a very cool project and will be my first dual extrusion experience. I've built custom cartesian and delta printers for about 6 years now. Really excited to try PVA etc. supports because I'm a mech. design engineer and I hate simplifying parts for FDM !! ha. Anyway my name is Dave From California.
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