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  1. Hello, the pic above is the only modification I did to the head assembly. I just removed all the chips ( black IC's) and all the SMT resistors, then added some jumper wires between the CORE connectors and the main head cable header. The sheet of paper in the pic above shows the pin mapping. It works good ! You can totally 3D print a head etc. I chose to use the OEM head and PCB because of the mechanical design for the Cores to sit properly, raise up and down etc. i.e I did it the expensive way lol.
  2. Really strange, I'm using Mark 2 firmware and do not have this issue.
  3. Cool, Ultimaker would not offer this as an upgrade. It's a super hack lol. just fun for the sake of modding.
  4. The Mark2 Firmware handles all of that. I adjusted the docking position from the Ultimaker OLED display, that menu allows you to set the X & Y position to move to. It turns out that the same motion to dock and un-dock the magnetic 2nd head also works great for flipping the lever on the head to lower or raise the 2nd CORE
  5. I was able to successfully convert my UM2 to a UM2+ then a UM2+ Mark2 with magnetic docking second head. Now I have hacked in the UM3 print head !. cool now I have a Mark2 system with quick change UM3 print cores ! I totally destroyed the UM3 print head PCB lol. I had to remove all IC's and resistors form the board, then I "hot wired" the CORE connections to the main cable header lol. LED's do not currently work, but they will soon show the active extruder, only 1 color though. Capacitive Z sensor is non operational since I am using the Original U
  6. Thanks Tinker ! no plans to sell any kits, it's not very practical I guess. The only thing I needed was 2 sets of the 2+ extruders which I had from doing the originall Mark2 conversion. and 1 UM3 head with the cores. I just printed the 3D model from the Git hub for the Nozzle shift lever bracket. used the location from the UM3 cad model to drill my UM2 side wall for the bracket. I totally gutted the UM3 head lol. I removed all of the IC's and the resistors, then I manually jumper wires form the core contacts up to the main cable header. and of cour
  7. I got the nozzle switching happening smooth now using Mark2 Firmware. I just had to edit the nozzle offset to 18mm and set the docking position to X=225.8 Y=180.4 nice and smooth now. next step is editing the Mark2 files / profiles to work in Cura 4 UM3 conversion :-)
  8. Never mind, I got it working ๐Ÿ™‚ UM3 toolchange I converted my UM2 into a UM3. UM3 head is mounted. How can I edit the "tool change" script ? I need to edit it so that it can " flip the lever" on the UM3 head to switch to the 2nd nozzle.
  9. I really want to utilize the sensor in my UM3 head just because it's there and why not. on the other hand, it's super easy to manually level the UM2 plate. I guess me resurrecting this thread from the dead is a clear sign that auto/active leveling is not in demand. ๐Ÿ˜‹
  10. Awesome sauce !! I just found this thread. As some of you have seen, I am trying to convert my UM2+ to a UM3+ sorta. I already did Mark2 conversion and that just works great!. however, I wanted to run the UM3 head with the cores, so I bought the head assembly and some cores, bout the Olimex board etc... Now I see I can just use the UM2 head and ther DXU modified MK2 code to possibly get the dual extrusion working with the shift lever. I guess what I really learned form this thread was that I don;t need the damn UM3 electronics
  11. Since I have the Olimex already, I plan to use it, I really just want to hook it all up like the UM3 has it, and load the FW backup image and see how it goes. I want the full capabilities of the CORES the RGB indication lights, the capacitive autolevel sensor etc. Once I find a wiring diagram I should be close to having the info I need. I think I need to buy or make the Olimex adapter board though. Do I need to swap out the display? or is it the same as the UM2 hardware ? Do I need to flash the Ultiboard with something e
  12. Hello, I am converting my UM2+ to a UM3 ( I was gifted the UM2+ so it's not toooo crazy for me to invest in converting ๐Ÿ™‚ I just received the Olimex A20 LIME2 board, I have the UM3 head assembly and 2 cores, I 3D printed the Nozzle Shift lever bracket on my Form-2 and will use the UM3 cad file to properly locate the drill holes to position the nozzle shifter on the right cabinet wall. I found the files to load the linux system I'm having trouble locating a wiring diagram for the UM3 system. I think I need to get the Olimex a
  13. Will this firmware allow me to re-do the nozzle docking parameters to actuaste the lift mechanic on the UM3 print head ? I'm doing the crazy thing of literally turning my UM2+ into a UM3+ I have the head, print cores, need to get the Linux board next. But I think for now I will just use this mark 2 FW to drive the UM3 head with basic functions until I get the linux board installed. Is anyone else doing this ?
  14. I have a UM2+ currently with the magnetic docking dual print setup and this FW and that is neat and works good. I just acquired a UM3 print head assembly. can I use this firmware to control the UM3 print head assembly while mounted in my UM2+ ? I'm a super DIY savvy type ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'll swap out the control board only if I really need to ๐Ÿ™‚
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