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  1. Why can you save the same named file in digital factory???
  2. I have had similar issues. I found it interesting that it looks like no improvements were made to the mechanical positioning of the new S7.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to find out where the print core is called out in a material profile? In some materials it is calling for a CC core but I want to use my BB core with a ruby nozzle. Thanks, Tim
  4. @Szahari Hey.... 9 months. Whats up with getting this fixed? Missed dinner with my family last week because of this. How do we run this up the flagpole? I mean...its just a couple of variables to change. Please!!!! Tim
  5. @Super_Paulie My printer does not have a material station. My "skip cool down" option is not present. I have firmware Missed dinner with my family last week because of this safety "feature". The printer works great when it does but ignoring simple interface issues such as this will not make me a return customer. Tim
  6. It would be nice if you focused on items that were broken before starting another project.
  7. Just had a print core mismatch error. My S5 has been sitting for 40+ minutes cooling down. Once I restart it....it will take 5-10 minutes to warm up to restart the print. Please change the firmware. Sitting at my office for litterally an extra hour so I can restart a print. Frustrating.
  8. Sounds like a serious oven. I have a Memmert oven, only goes up to 300C.
  9. I'm just trying to find if Cura automatically calculates shrink in relation to the material that is being used. It seems like the details of shrink have been left out. Recently, I have been heating 3d printed items for 12 hours in my precision oven as an experiment. Tim
  10. Hello, Does Cura account for shrinkage according to the material that is being used? Thanks, Tim
  11. I think my material database is corrupt. 1. I cannot load materials - tried both network based and walking USB stick over to printer. 2. Is there any way to remove all of the profiles in the printer that are not being used...or ever will be used? Thanks, Tim
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