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  1. Hi, Occasionally I get a failed print head offset error. In the past it allowed me to select "try again". Now all I get is "has part been removed" and back to square one. Go back to cura and send another print to the printer. Tim
  2. Just started having this issue again. My computer did a firmware upgrade and cura went to 4.9.1. What a pain. I just want it to work. Tim
  3. I bumped the temp another 6 degrees, so now I am at +9. I'll see how it goes. Tim
  4. Yes. I understand those two ideas, I just do not not know the best course of action to fix them. The last time it happened, I just told it I replaced the material and hit go without doing anything. It printed for another half hour and then stopped again. Tim
  5. Hi Folks, I keep getting this error during a print "material appears to be empty" - when it is not empty. The material is Ultimaker PLA, it is an older spool - no RFID tag in it. 1. The material is not empty. 2. I tried increasing the temperature to improve flow. Before I keep testing..etc. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tim
  6. My S5 randomly disconnects. I don't know if the problem is in Cura or the S5 itself? When this happens it is totally random. Should I run ethernet cables to both my computer and the printer? Will it solve the problem? Thanks, Tim
  7. Hello, Is there ANY way to disable to the comparison of the extruder heads? Virtually every print, I get this error. Run it again and it is fine. Tired of re-calibrating over and over. Tim
  8. I had this happen also. Use a heat gun and remove the white plastic shroud so you do not damage it.
  9. Do you have any recommendations on which settings to change? Thanks, Tim
  10. @JTDesign - I sent you a message with my phone number and email. Please call me ASAP. Thanks, Tim
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