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ended Community Contest, part 2 | The Ape.

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Two weeks ago we started adding a free Olsson Block set with every sold Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended. We'll continue doing this for a few weeks because we believe it is a great example of what the community contributes to Ultimaker. And the Olsson Block can definitely be a valuable addition to your Ultimaker.

You guys carry a lot of knowledge, helped countless of users and continue to contribute to the Ultimaker ‘Universe’. Obviously, you deserve something for this too!

So for the next few weeks we will host a 3D printing contest.

Every week we’ll have a new winner who wins a special edition Olsson Block set.

It contains the same set of nozzles we share with our new users, but especially for you we have added the 1.0mm nozzle too, for the super fast prints!

To draw you the full picture, it contains the:


  • Olsson Block itself
  • 0.25mm nozzle
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.6mm nozzle
  • 0.8mm nozzle
  • 1.0mm nozzle
  • a screwdriver and socket to swap nozzles.


For this week we want to see creativity. Lets all go banana's! To help you out, we have selected this very cool lowpoly gorilla! Get funky with the colours and go nuts with the scene.

May the most original and funny entry win!

The other rules of the contest are pretty simple.



- We know how you all love hacking and modifying, so we have only one guideline: it must be printed on an Ultimaker. Besides that.. everything goes!

- Entries must be uploaded in the Print section. (Fill out your settings if you want. The winner agrees to share his settings at the end of the week).

- Share the link and a picture of your upload in this thread.

- Upload only one picture per entry

- Everyone can participate in every contest, but you can only win once.

- There will be only 1 prize per contest

- Photoshop is not allowed. The only modification that is allowed is on your Ultimaker!



- We will choose a winner based on originality.

- We will announce each weeks winner on Monday in the corresponding thread on our forum, on our Twitter feed and Instagram!

- You can participate until Sunday midnight CEST.


The model we have selected to get crazy with for this week is made by our Austrian friend Bauermaker

Download the file here.

Upload your entry here.

Share your entry here below.

Alrighty then..

Ready? Set? Print awaaaaaay!

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Ok... @SandervG caught me... I couldn't resist...

As I said before, @al1-ch 's ape was looking for trouble and I would know who wins that unequal battle. It seems I was right:


btw: this entry is outside the scope... for various reasons... ;)

btw2: the ape was sliced with Cura 1.99.0 and printed on my UMO with Ultimaker silver PLA.

btw3: What about making each contest a bit longer, maybe two weeks? We might see more contributions as people have more time to think about it.


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@Dim3nsioneer, I was hoping you couldn't resist ;) Thanks!

Last contest was about printing small, didn't require a lot of thinking I think.. this contest was a bit more about creativity. We will have similar contests of both coming up next week an week after. Because they involved the Olsson Block as a prize I didn't want to make them too long.. shorter times means more winners eh? :)

Let me think about a banner.. we also announce the contests on social media and on one hand I think people also need to learn that they exist. Maybe in the beginning it could do with a block on the dashboard.

If it gets some traction I want to continue the contests, and we could do a 2 week run for example... did anyone say coffee-mug? ;)

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Professor Ultibot and the Golden Gorilla

It had seemed simple to Professor Ultibot, while sitting in his office at Ultimaker University. The plan snapping into place moments after he had finished decoding the tattered journal from the unfortunate Bauermaker expedition. He would fly into the largest unmapped jungle in the world, find the Lost City, navigate the traps in the labyrinth, unlock the gates to the Great Temple and retrieve the Golden Gorilla. He hadn't counted on how he was going to get the statue out and he hadn't counted on the snakes... He definitely hadn't counted on the snakes.


This entry into the Community Contest, part 2 starts with a simple print of the LowPolyMonsta in 1.75 mm ColorFabb Leaf Green. The 1.75mm filament is printed on a stock Ultimaker 2 with no modifications. The LowPolyMonsta was then post processed to create the golden statue effect. The statue base is a broken print of the Apollo lunar lander descent module. The snakes are small pieces of 1.75mm filament twisted into shape. Professor Ultibot is reused from last week's entry. The whip is made from a small piece of NinjaFlex that was curled and then placed in boiling hot water & allowed to cool to fix the shape. The end of the whip was cut at an angle at the tip to give the impression of a bullwhip tip. There are a few little extra details in the scene for those that pay careful attention. A miniature silver Lilliputian bot recycled from the part 1 contest is at the base of the altar and might serve as a consolation prize for Professor Ultibot if he can't figure out how to move the Golden Gorilla. Barely glimpsed in the background is a Flexy Rex by designer Zheng3. Whether the dinosaur is a statue or something else remains to be seen.

While planning the entry for this contest, I had originally thought about recreating the Empire State Building from King Kong off the side of the Ultimaker. Studying the static pose of the model I thought it looked more like a primitive statue. I imagined the interior of the Ultimaker 2 as the inside of a temple. The composition of the scene is a mashup of an Indiana Jones movie and a classic Dungeons and Dragons cover.

Print is at https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/1794-community-contest-part-2-the-ape


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Here are 15 smaller and smaller LoPolyMonsta apes, in progress. Have been experimenting in Blender to make it easy to run a long processions of shrinking STLs. I need to dial in my temp and flow settings to make for a little less stringing (i keep cheating by opting for 237 C instead of tuning for just the right temp setting).

Last week I ran groups of 4 and 10 Ultibots, but this is getting a lot more exciting to print at 15 and beyond! I'm running these on a UM2 with an Olsson Block installed, sticking with 0.4mm nozzle for this contest, not that I am permitted to win it.

Do you folks think having a wee Blender script to automate creating "Shrinking spiral" from any STL would be helpful to any of you?


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ohhh the part I hate about these contests is selecting a winner.

I love all the entries and we needed a team of 5 people to announce a winner.

But.. we made it!




We really liked how you went creative and added a fur on the Gorilla, and create a scenery with the ice.

One special edition Olsson Block set coming to you! :)

The next contest will be launched in a few hours, stay tuned!!

Hopefully you will all participate again!

I hate to be picky on the rules, but the rules say that the file needs to be uploaded in the print section. I noticed not all entries were uploaded this time. Please don't forget for the next contest. Thanks!

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Thanks a lot!

The scenery did work because I need to defrost the freezer real soon...... This was an icepack with a lot of ice on it, so, into the printer, photo, and back before it all started to melt....

The file is on Youmagine, https://www.youmagine.com/designs/gorilla-with-fur-community-contest-part-2-6d834201-6c05-42f4-abd5-acada0be014b

you can see that I made a lot of layers with 'spikes', 0.2 mm high and 0.4 mm wide, so the spikes are printed in the air and drop a little. If you want to optimize the effect it needs a lot of fine tuning: distance, length, speed, fan, how much, etc..

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Thank you all again for participating, we loved all your work!

Hopefully you will join us again for our next contest.

It just went live! Who is going to be the first?

It will be a challenge again to see who has his printer dialed in best and who gets most creative with Cura.

Looking forward seeing your entry, thank you!

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