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How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP


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Posted · How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP
3 hours ago, erickgabriel20 said:

Still is it not possible to set up a static IP, subnet mask and gateway?


Which (kind of) printer are you referring to?

It was ever possible and it still works like described above.

It's not hard and has to be done only once.


BTW: those two requirements are not working well together...

  • "very tough IT restrictions"
  • but devices are allowed to choose their own IP addresses?

I think this approach is questionable to say the least... (but that's a different topic of course)


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    Posted (edited) · How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP
    On 7/24/2018 at 9:40 AM, freesbee said:

    ...so if I may give you a suggestion, let IT personnel do their job and implement an easier way to set and protect a static IP in the firmware. Nothing wrong with the SSH and connman for me, but somebody with less linux experience could be in trouble and normally people dealing with design are not linux experts (nobody is questioning why you use connman instead of /etc/network/interfaces so please do not question why we prefer to have printers on static IPs outside the DHCP area).


    Here the full guide for anybody who might need it:

    1. on the printer panel enable developer mode (printer restart needed)
    2. SSH to the printer (default credentials would be root/ultimaker)

    $ connmanctl services

    and note the name of the interface that must be configured (remember: the machine has 2 network interfaces): from now on that will be the <service> (no "<" or ">" needed, just the service/interface name which will look like ethernet_<MAC_ADDR>_cable for the wired one, the other one I didn't have time to check )

    $ connmanctl config <service> --ipv4 manual <IP address> <netmask> <gateway>

    at this point the SSH connection will be broken because the printer switches immediately to the new IP so verify if everything went fine and

    5. on the printer panel disable developer mode


    just in case you want to re-enable DHCP the command is:

    $ connmanctl config <service> --ipv4 dhcp


    Thank you very much for your great instruction! We have finally managed to integrate our S5 into our company network thanks to you! I dont know why the static ip option is missing in the display menu. This is an absolute must.

    Edited by mkaj2019
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    Posted · How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP

    is there any news on the subject ?

    I tried that workaround https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/15804-how-to-set-ip-address-without-wifi-or-dhcp/?do=findComment&comment=215658

    but it does not worked for me.

    I am trying to assign static IP over Wifi connection...

    I achieved to configure the printer on the right wifi network. I have "SSHed" the printer to run connmanctl commands and at the end the printers can connect but still have fake dhcp addresses.

    Thanks for your help

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    Posted · How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP

    @freesbee - can you help this guy?  (freesbee hasn't been on the forum in a long time but maybe he'll respond)


    So please confirm that:

    1) ssh worked

    2) connmanctl allowed you to set the IP address.


    At that point I'm confused why you need dhcp?  Is that to set the router and dns addresses?  You can just set those manually also, right?


    Just to clarify - dhcp is a service (somewhere out on your local network) where a machine can obtain it's own ip address along with router ip address, address mask, and DNS server address (dns servers translate named addresses like google.com to ip addresses).


    So if you want a fixed IP address then you also probably want dhcp turned off.


    You can google about connmanctl.  You can even get really specific and just look at debian or even more specific and look at "jessie debian" which is the specific operating system on the UM3 but really any documentation on connmanctl that you can google is going to help you understand the utility.


    Also keep in mind that there are two network devices.  one is ethernet cable (I think eth0 maybe?) and one is wifi (possibly usb0?).

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    Posted · How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP

    1) yes ssh worked

    2) connmanctl gives no error but have not set the ip address

    I tried this kind of command : 

     connmanctl config wifi_dc8551451451451_5555556c73_managed_psk --ipv4 manual

    but the printers were never connected with the ip I have set


    Thanks for your help

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    Posted · How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP

    Oh!  A permanent wifi ip address?  That's very unusual.  I was thinking static ethernet address.  Here is some discussion.  Note one of the answers was for a BBB (beagle bone black) which I think is very similar to the Olimex.  This seems to have a few good answers.  If none of these work then try googleing "olimex static wifi ip address" or "debian jessie static wifi ip address".



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    Posted · How to set IP address without WiFi or DHCP

    thank you gr5 !

    I managed to connect to our network with static ip with the link you provided !

    Have a good day !

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