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Thank you for a wonderful 2017! Ready for 2018?

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While some lucky chaps are still enjoying their well deserved holidays it was time for me to head back to the office this morning and greet all my sleep-deprived colleagues, like it was our very first 'Monday morning' ever. But everyone was in a jolly mood nonetheless. Happy to see each other again, share stories and ready for whatever 2018 has to offer. 

Last year was a good year for Ultimaker. We made significant growth which was topped of with a cherry through major fundings by NPM Capital. We continued to further expand our range of products with new print cores, new materials, Cura Connect and we've been able to meet a lot of new community members! :)

Last but not least, just before the finish line of 2017 we found a great partner in IPboard to host our new forum software. Personally, I consider this as one of the biggest achievements of the past year. Our new forum allows us to thrive in a healthy environment and focus on the conversations, focus on each other and focus on the growth of our beloved community.

Where would you like to grow towards?

In our previous community platform there lied an emphasis on collaboration in its foundation, where we foresaw members starting projects together since we're all makers at heart you know. And we have seen some really amazing things, one of my personal favorites being the Mark 2 dual extrusion project by @foehnsturm. The realization of such a project requires a lot of knowledge. Ultimaker (luckily) has a lot of knowledge too. Some of it we have shared with you through our AMA's (Ask Me Anything) with @Tomhe from our materials team and @nallath from our Cura team.

In this year, we want to share more and more of our knowledge with you, through the prior mentioned AMA's and other formats. I would be curious to know whether you would like to learn more about materials, the profiles, Cura and its plugins, 3D printing tips or something completely different. 


Underneath the larger scope of things, the smaller things are equally important. How have you celebrated New Years eve?

Do you have interesting plans for 2018?

I've happily celebrated new years eve with friends while watching a gigantic 90 feet bonfire (I still smell like smoke). In 2018 I want to learn a new language, doing some home renovations, further develop my 3D sculpting skills (from barely existing to some form of life) and make considerable progress on a comic book I am working on (finishing it is one bridge too far I think). 


Curious to hear what you are up to, and how we can help you learn more, and develop your 3D printing skills further in 2018 :)


Have a great day! 



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Happy new year to you and da rest o' da gang too!


I will tell you one thing that I would really, really like is more tuts on the crazy features. Being new to 3D printing (Well, a year now, but still so much to learn) I am not sure what some of those oddball features do or how to implement them.


For instance, tomnagel did a quick tut on how to use the infill mesh options and it has really been beneficial to my workflow. There are some other goodies in there that I would like to be able to shortcut the exploration process the same way.


Maybe a general tuts section in the forum for the pros and us users to contribute to? I mean, cloakfiend has been doing amazing work with his plating and smoothing processes that would make it easy to find these ways of instruction.

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Hi @kmanstudios , thank you for your reply! 


Thank you for your feedback. Of course, as always Cura is a huge source of inspiration and content :)

I'll make sure Cura features are included. I was also thinking of something like a tutorial section where you can comment etc. 

By the way, I see you made a link to Tom Nagels account, but it looks like you just copied the URL to his account. That is fine if you prefer it to do it this way, but did you know you can also type @[username], and an autofill will even give you suggestions?


Have a great day!

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Hi everyone, may 2018 be an awesome year for you all!


For me the celebration was a bit weird as my wife and kids were all ill, so basically we ate a few things and went to sleep before midnight :'D


2018 is going to be an interesting year for sure, im planning to start running again (good year resolutions *|) i also want to learn how to use a cnc, i build a small cnc kit during these holidays, for the moment i just tried the laser option which is fun but limited, and im afraid of possible damage to my eyes.


Besides that im hoping to increase my 3d printing related business and maybe be able to leave my regular job at one point


I'm also hoping to meet some of the community members, theses meetings are always fun!

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7 hours ago, DidierKlein said:

as my wife and kids were all ill,


Are they better now? I feel like a lot of people were sick. I was also sick, and a few colleagues of mine too. I suppose starting 2018 all rested also sounds like a pretty good start :)

Hope your resolutions will all work out well! :+1:

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