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How to print in place?

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I have been printing for awhile now, and I have never managed to get a "print in place" print to work correctly.  What I mean is that any print that has movable parts that are intended to be printed as a single unit, never actually move.  The parts are welded to each other.


This happens no matter what slicer I use (Cura or S3D) and no matter what print material or brand I use.


Additionally (and probably caused by the same issue), any time I print a part that should fit in another part (with small tolerances), it never fits.  I understand that there is expansion and shrinkage in 3d printing, and the various reasons that the occurs, but clearly other people have managed to get these prints to work just fine.


Any advice?

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I have not managed with the things I downloaded. Some of the things they say are print in place are not that well made.


What are you trying to print, what size nozzle in use and what size print?

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I have printed a few items both downloaded and my own design. Have you tried Robert's Dust Filter I have printed this in a FF Dreamer and a UM2 Clone. I am planning on printing a similar item but 2 colors on UM3 tho i havent decided on what to print (more like I am lazy of design at this time 😄 ).


The key problem here is tolerance and clearance for printers are different. My FF requires around 0.10 - 0.15mm clearance per side that has contact for a circle it will be diameter + 2 x Clearance. For a UM I only need 1x of the clearance.

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Maybe your over extruding, to hot nozzle or to fast printing. Those are the things I can think of. 

The few models I have tried, the makerbot robot and the socket wrench from nasa, required that your printer is well adjusted. 


If you can post a picture i’m sure someone can tell you right away what the problem is. 

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