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Ultimaker s5 is killing me!


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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!

Every time I remove a new print from this printer, its whit the same feeling "Wow this look like Shit"


I have in the past been working with both DIY printers and industrial printers like Stratasys.

So I know 3d printers ar unreliable, and gives an endless learning curve. That expensive isn't a guarantee that its good or flawless (not saying that Stratasys is a bad printer it just also have its quirks, despite the hefty price tag)


But that said. Tweaking the print settings. Replacing or upgrading parts is fun and educational as long as you see a progression! I have no progression whit the s5 its just a endless circle of bade prints.


And honestly im at a point where its killing my overall interest in 3d-printing.

I'm not only blaming the s5, it could as well have been any other printer. But the general worship and idolisation of it, made me expect more. And probably also made the disappointment that bigger.


So this is a open question. There must be other people that have been at this point. and haw did you get past it?



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    Posted · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!

    Perhaps if you add some images, we can get an idea if the prints do indeed look like shit, if your S5 is underperforming, or if perhaps you have certain expectations that might not be realistic for this type of printer. At this point we simply can't tell.

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    Posted · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!

    I will not say that my expectations are unrealistic. I am aware of the limitations in FDM printing. But it is depressing to see other people with a far cheaper machine make faster and better prints. And yes I know you cant compare apples whit oranges.




    The first 100mm from the bottom, the layer precision is "in my opinion" really bad. Then it gets as "expected" towards the top. 
    The Pva is only used for the first 10mm so that shouldn't be and factor.


    Rods have just been checked for play and realigned according to specifications. whit no difference.


    Other things that have been tested:

    Bed tempter on/off.

    Z-axle have been tested.

    Maximum head movement have been tested.

    Diffrent Cura profiles. Both stock and item specified.

    Diffrent print tempters, have been tested. to make sure its not under-extruding.

    Diffrent filement have been tested.

    Different item orientation.

    Different models (Some have more than others "not same z-height" but its always there. Unless its and item under 50x50x50 mm then it's fine)

    Nozzle swap.



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    Posted · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!

    I have similar issues with my S5 and I think it is the slicer. I am not finished with some tests, but try to print with older versions of Cura like 3.x or S3D. There are big differences.

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    Posted · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!

    I see. Please give me an update if you find a solution or reason.

    I didn't actually think of Cura in general as a contributor for the problem 😕
    If thats the case I can troubleshoot all I want on the machine and never get any where, sigh.


    But again, problem is not only the printer. Part of the problem is also that I don't have more energy to give this machine. I'm run down in troubleshooting and bad prints. I have no "joy" in printing anymore. 3D-printing have become an annoyance.

    And I dont know how to get past this!


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    Posted · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!

    It can be very frustrating, but take a break if nothing works at the moment, in a while it will get better. I also have a phase at the moment where I print very little. A few weeks ago, most of the 5 printers were printing simultaneously. Now only one if any is active.

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    Posted · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!



    • I feel your pain. Results from my S5 is less than my expectations  and my friend with his Ender3 is bragging at me with better prints... That being said, I still try to get the best of this printer...

    Good luck!

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    Posted · Ultimaker s5 is killing me!

    Hi NBull,


    I'd understand your situation, this print is really bad, -period!

    I could not really agree more with Smithy in his assumption, -I'm using Cura 3.6 and Cura Master by @burtoogle.

    When looking to this print, at first glance, -one would think this is disruptions..


    But no -it is not, this “error” is consistent because it is the same happens for many layers, actually it’s looks like the line width changes at some point and does it for N numbers of layers and back again. Even around the corner you see this reduced line width. The only random in here is when it does it and when it stop doing this!


    For printer failure, a single line can vary much during a single full path so very much a random thing..


    So, what can make the line width change, -hmm this should be an easy answer, shouldn't it?


    Why not give the older version a shot?


    Sure, I’d zoomed in to you print picture as good as possible.


    Here you can see some details, a real macro picture would speak clearly.. 🙂




    Good Luck



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