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  1. Well, The problem you described do exist for some users. It's unfortunate you got so many... Can I suggest you to go back to the vendor. Can he be of any help? We have a UM-S5 at work and are considering getting the E2 or Pro2 from Raise. Quality of the S5 is not any better than a Prusa i3mk3... Good luck!
  2. Si tu as la même erreur dans les 2 axes (X et Y) tu peux ajouter une compensation horizontale négative.
  3. I suggest you to manually level the bed. The Ultimaker printer do not have a very rigid frame therefore if you move the printer around it's a good thing to re-level the bed.
  4. What happen if you switch the print core in slot 1 to be installed in slot 2 and vive and versa ?
  5. You probably have some script G-code created when you slice your model. Have a look at the G-code generated.
  6. Hello, I did a test on Cura 3.6 and it cannot print 330mm in X. The max value being 326.8.
  7. You can also increase this feature (minimum layer time)
  8. Framar

    CPE woes

    Currently I' printing with Ultimaker CPE using the default Cura setting. It is printing like a charm... Is your filament dry ?
  9. Link, Then why don't you keep the front doors open for PLA Would it reduce the fan speed?
  10. gr5, It does not work since the primary model still has outer walls that would block the expoxy to flow in. See picture (this is in Cura 3.6) Thi
  11. Hello Russo, I've also tried to print HDPE and was facing the same problem as you; it does not stick to the bed. I've tried Ultimaker adhesion sheet, packaging tape, 3Dlac... So far nothing seems to work. I have more testing coming shortly but I would like to know if anyone ever succeded printing PE ???
  12. One solution would be to use modifiers to create support where it is needed.
  13. If you have the flow switch turn on, the printer will stop once it runs out of filament and you'll be able to replace the empty spool by a new one. You can also change the filament during the print by pausing the print and then selecting the material icon on the printer screen and change it.
  14. Hello, Never see that on our S5. Does it happen with any type of material? Stupid question but does the retainer clip on that locks the tube in place is in place?
  15. Is the machine settings are the same in the preferences ? This is in 3.6
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