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  1. Framar

    PLA print royally stuck to print bed glass

    That reminds me of my very prints on my S5. The first few prints were ok but the more prints the more it was sticking on the glass to a point where I ahd to hit the print with a small hammer to get it off the glass. Since then, I clean the glass with lens cleaner after every prints and it is just perfect now.
  2. Framar

    Minimum Gap Distance

    In my experience a gap of 0,4mm is the minimuum I use but again you can get different results and there are just to many paramters that can impact the end result... Good luck!
  3. Framar

    Slicing problem

    I think I've found your problem. The STL file looks OK. The problem comes from the model having thin walls, so thin that CURA don't print the walls thinner than the orifice or line width. You would have to use a 0,25mm print core to get the model to improve printing but even at 0,25mm it will not be perfect. You can also turn the "Print thin wall" option on in "Shell" settings. Is this model design to be 3D printed? Good luck!
  4. Framar

    Slicing problem

    Can you proide the STL file? It might be the 3D model having bad surfaces...
  5. Can you provide a picture?
  6. Framar

    Tolerance Test

    I did use your profile and I was able to go down to 0,3mm gap being free. 0,2mm gap is fused. The store where I bought the printer was able to get the 0,2mm gap free with the same printer as mine (ultimaker S5) ansd using the "recommended" settings in Cura. I wonder if the problem does not come from the filament. I will check the diameter of the filament... And probably try with another spool of PLA.
  7. Can you rotate the part to have the opening on the bed? That migh improve the top bridge support.
  8. Framar

    difference entre le solide et la vue en couche

    Pourrais-tu mettre ton fichier 3D (STEP ou X_T) sur le forum. J'aimerais y jeter un coup d'oeil.
  9. Can you included a support wall into your 3D design. That would be easy to remove once printed and that would cut the bridge in half,
  10. Framar

    Tolerance Test

    Hi ScanHD. Thanks for the quick feedback. Can you zip the curaprofile file? I can't find a way to save it. Thanks Again!
  11. Framar

    Tolerance Test

    Hi Ultimaker Community, I got a new UltimakerS5 a few weeks a go and while it is printing great I was a bit disapointed; I was expecting very precise dimensional prints... I have listened to so many Youtube videos and found one on MakerMuse channel very interesting where Angus showed a tolerance/gap test. I just print my own tolerance test. I was expecting getting good results up to 0,2mm. Unfortunately, only the 0,5mm succeed (0,4mm & 0,3mm failed). Is there any one that can print the gap test and share their results? I was using Ultimaker Blue PLA filament at 0,15mm layer height and 20% infill using the "recommended" settings in Cura 3.6.0. Attached is the STL and 3D STEP files. ThanksTolerance test STEP.zip Francis Tolerance test2.stl
  12. Framar

    Aluminum build plate update

    Humm. I'm wondering if any one from Innovation at Ultimaker would share their trials and results??? I am probably going to machine an aluminium plate myself to try it on my S5 anyway. If I do, I'll be glad to share the results with the Forum.
  13. Framar

    No top layers

    Here the STL file in Question tir7.stl and the setting used And Here is the result:side walls have no top layers
  14. Framar

    Vue solide vue en couches

    Bonjour, J'obtiens le même résultat lorsque je slice le modèle 3D. J'ai trouvé qu'il y avait une erreur avec votre fichier .STL. Le trou au centre ne se rend pas jusqu'à la surface du bas OU il manque la surface au fond du trou s'il ne doit pas déboucher. Voir sur image ci-contre..
  15. Framar

    No top layers

    Hi Smithy, Well, I did try different line width and the result is the same: no top layers. That was until I turn on the infill, then I got what I wanted... But why the infill is iportant to get top layers ???

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