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  1. I'm in the same situation as you with a 0,8mm AA print core partially cloged. At this point I would dissamble the nozzle for cleaning purpose and put it back on the print core. It is not recommended but I don't see any other option im my case.
  2. Not directly in Cura. But you can 3D model the support for the bottom section.
  3. Bad 3D model? If you send a STEP file I can try to fix it and send it back to you.
  4. As far as I know, No, it's not possible.
  5. When you exported the file after your change the settings inCura, did you change the extension of the file for .STL? The attached file does not look like a STL file. The file size is rather small.
  6. Please provide more info. -What material -Printer model -Printing temperature -Print speed. Also, on your printer, make sure there is no play for all axis and the coolinf fans are working.
  7. Effectivement ça semble être l'alimentation qui flanche...
  8. Can you send a screen shot of Cura before you send the file to the printer ?
  9. Contact the reseller for warranty.
  10. I ran into the same issue last week. I my case I noticed that it was caused by some drooling during nozzle move when printing the first layer.
  11. I might be wrong but I think coasting only applies to walls not top surfaces.
  12. Please post the STL file; and if you can add screen shots that would help.
  13. I ran into similar issue when we comissioned the printer. A good cleaning of the extruder was the only thing we did and it's working as expected now. Oddly, the extruder was perfectly clean so I can't tell you why it worked...
  14. Hello, Hard to say from a picture... I'm assuming the printer print these lines from one edge of the part to the other. If so, then, it looks like something was on the build plate when the first layer was printed and that first layer was not squish enought against the build plate. I might be completly wrong.
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