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  1. I do see same result wit my UM S5. Unfortunately for me any attemp to fix this has not worked so far. Good luck !
  2. What you see on the print bed in Cura what you get
  3. Have you tried to just reboot the printer? and then install the firmware.
  4. Well my S5 is not that accurate. I was looking at the Method yestrday and considering the price of a S5 PRO bundle I would go with Method instead.
  5. Make sure your PVA spool is dry.
  6. It useful when you have material that is drooling when the second nozzle starts to heat but if not, you don't need it.
  7. The solution is to create another geometry (you can create a support blocker) and change the per model setting to set a 100% infill. This will give you the extra walls you are looking for.
  8. I would use a regular o ring that fits into the groove.
  9. I would reduce the line width to 0,32mm and see how Cura slices it.
  10. Never seen that before... Are you unsing a prime tower?
  11. Bonjour, Tu aurais plus de chance d'avoir des réponses si tu postes ton message dans la catégorie "francais" du forum.
  12. Hello AAGC, I ran into the same kind of situation when I start using my S5 back in fall 2018. Looking at your picture I'm no suprise of the results. I would have get the same on my printer. To improve my prints I had to try different settings. Now I get decent (but not excellent) prints but it's a shame that sub $1000 printer can beat a $8000 printer. I feel your disapointment.
  13. I have good result spraying 3Dlac on the glass. The prints detached easily once cooled.
  14. I would suggest you reduce the print speed to 40mm/s; reduce the print acceleration to 2000 mm/s2; enable jerk control and set it to 15mm/s reduce print core temperature by -10°C. Make sure all the driving straps are tight enought.
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