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Looking for an Ultimaker 2 expert to spend some time with me

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Hi community!

I have just purchased an Ultimaker 2, and so far very happy with it!

There are however some challenges that I have with printing. honestly, this printer has so many functions, it is probably me doing things wrong..

I have "fixed" one of my problems that I had with the bottom of prints showing the printing "lines" by realigning the bed, but i also have a some top-melting issues when printing the Light Saber and some other small challenges.

i believe my issues are all caused by me making rookie mistakes. i'm new to 3d printing.

instead of me going over the forums and then trying random things, i'm looking for someone that has a lot of experience with the ultimaker 2 and can basically take me on a crash course..

preferably in person (I'm from NL and can travel) otherwise via Skype?




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Hi Korneel

What city are you from?

A good idea might also be to visit one of the Ulti-evenings or visiting a Fablab in your neighborhood.

Also, read through this post in the forum. it might help you with some basic starter errors.



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I'm from Houten, near Utrecht. travel is not a problem for me.

let me try to find a fablab closeby :)

thanks for the link, i already found that one, but i guess i'm more looking for a crash course rather than solving seperate problems. with solving problems or challenges, i would still not really learn more about the machine and the why..


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When printing the top of an object that comes to a small top, such as the tip of a sword, the nozzle never leaves the part so the plastic never has a chance to cool and you get a big melted blob.

The quickest simplest fix is to enable "cool head lift" in the advanced settings. However this has a different problem because it continue to extrude despite retraction because the heat reaches further up and causes expansion. then when the head comes back it adds a small string to your part. Which you can cut off with a razor later.

To get a more perfect result you can print two objects at the same time that are the same height so that one is cooling while the other is printing. Or even better print one or two towers (maybe 1cm diameter) on either side of the part and choose "print all at once" from tools menu.

For future problems you will get faster results if you post to the forum versus driving somewhere but both are good choices. Try to post a picture next time also.


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at http://www.ifabrica.nl, in Amsterdam-N, we offer Cura courses every thursday evening, from 18.00-21.00 hours. We start with a cup of soup/bread and then we will start. If the information is too much to handle for one evening you can get a free update….

(we have 10 Ultimakers org., a Kinect scanner and a David Structured Light scanner, and lots of other cool stuff..)


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@Korneel, ProtoSpace has some courses that teach you more about 3D printing and the Ultimaker. There is also a build course, perhaps there is a way to skip the building and only do the learning part. Definitely stop by some day and talk to the awesome lab managers.

@Sander, are you guys planning another ulti-evening :D? Last time was awesome and I learned so much more since!


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