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Best filaments for UM2

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Can I ask users from their experience which is the best brand filament for UM2..?

I have tried, Faberdasery, ColorFab, But to me the best by far seems to be Ultimaker brand.

Faberdasery - leaves blobs & only comes open spool, but 2nd place for me.

ColorFab - Wasted hours trying to get as good as UM brand, not even close.

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I can only give you my opinion, I have six reels of UM and six reels of Colorfabb (plus one box of colour samples from Colorfabb)

My worst/most problematic is UM clear PLA (it keeps blocking the print head), the rest all print with their own set of specific parameters. My favourites are ColorFabb XT (clear) and Bronzefill, also UM gold, perl-white and silver-grey

I have not tried Faberdashery, the lack of a reel to me is a waste of my time

My next filament list is Toulman Nylon when funds allow

hope that helps


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I have used the light blue PLA filament that came with the UM2. 0036b075 140623b04-26. Worked fine.

Then half a roll of green PLA Innofil 3D 0007b075 140527b01 -13. I also worked fine.

Since I switched to black PLA Innofil 3D 0002b75 140429b03 -38 i experience regular problems in the middle of prints after 2-5 hours. The parts have not changed much.

I already changed to iRoberts feeder which improved but did not really help.

I was told PLA from Innofil and PLA from Ultimaker is the same material.

Since around a week I am waiting for a new teflon part (and some minor spares) and other PLA filament.

At the moment there are several paremeters that could cause the problems. Nevertheless I can imagine that the black color ingredients for the PLA could be the reason.

Up to now I have no seens a reasonable teflon tube source as I would have one available as spare.

So, light blue and green Innofil/Ultimaker filament worked fine. On the black colour I am not sure.

Somehow I think it would be good to measure and monitor permanent the turning moment or power consumption/current of the feed stepper.

--- COMMENT ADDED ON 20th Nov 2014 ---

i think there was a slight difference to the other filament color. Nevertheless, the main reason for the trouble was the changing temperature during printing.


-> so the solution is: thermal grease/heat paste.


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It depends a bit on what you're printing I think. For me, personally, I prefer Faberdashery, followed by Ultimaker, Colorfabb XT, Colorfabb PLA/PHA.

In the end the best brand is the one that works best for you IMHO :)


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I bought a couple rolls of Polymaker PolyMax PLA from Printed Solid, and like it so far. One of the selling points is higher impact toughness than PLA (by a lot) and even ABS.

It definitely has a softer, more ductile feel than normal PLA. It prints very nicely. the surface finish of the filament is very smooth, and it seems dimensionally consistent.

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