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  1. I'm having a very similar issue but the creaking sound appears to be coming from the stepper on the left side which controls movement on the Y axis. Over all my U2 is printing well but considerably much louder than it has ever been and It sounds like a creaking floorboard in an old house. I'm concerned this will lead to serious problem later. someone recently posted a topic about what kind of general maintenance is needed on these machines. The response given was that oil on the rods and grease on the z screw was all that is really ever needed but for those of us with older machines can anyone recommend a deeper dive into maintenance and refurbishing? I don't mind replacing any parts if needed.
  2. how long has search been down? I just started having some issues and need to search on a few more things. I hate posting new topics when the answers are already in here somewhere.
  3. I can't search for anything on the site or in the forums. Nothing happens when I fill in the search field and click the magnifying glass or hit enter. Mac, PC, Chrome, IE and Safari
  4. Is there an official part replacement for this issue? The upgrade kit wasn't cheap and it seems inevitable it will happen to everyone. Super glue and hope doesn't sit well with me.
  5. Anyone else having a problem with the search function on this site? It doesn't work at all for me across different computers and browsers. A ran into an issue where I was getting under extrusion because the nylon gear on the feeder stepper moved to the tip of the axle where it starts to slip. I pushed it back and it ran fine but now my confidence on running long prints is shot. This is a pretty big flaw in the design of the upgrade kit, is there a replacement part available?
  6. Cura 2.3.0 PC Overhangs in red are showing up on the top of this one file / model not the bottom, even after rotating. My other files seem to be ok. [/media]
  7. just did the upgrade, a bit daunting but I got through it. I forgot to do the Firmware upgrade when I was done and the new feeder motor was reversed. Updated and it's working beautifully.
  8. anyone in the U.S. able to purchase the upgrade Kit? Everywhere I look I'm told it's 2 weeks out.
  9. what are the US distribution channels for the Upgrade kit?
  10. Still confused, not counting beta releases can someone explain the version numbers that identify where the new Cura begins and where the old Cura was at the time new Cura was released . Is the old Cura still getting updates? do they get updated version numbers? When the new Cura was released it was missing too many features on the Mac version and the PC version wouldn't install at all for me so I have been using the old version. I would like to check in to see if any progress has been made but I don't understand the version designations.
  11. I was hoping they would upgrade the design to center the nozzle which would increase build volume and provide even cooling. The offset nozzle don't make sense if dual extrusion is never being implemented.
  12. I have been testing out Sculpt Nouveau patina's on a large Bronzefill piece i'm working on and came across this video on how to turn any material you print into a metallic part that can then take a patina. Also the tip about using Abranet is interesting, I'm going to give that a try. http://www.kevincaron.com/video_detail.php?id=331
  13. I would be so happy if this was something that could be fixed. I never understood why Spiralize would have a Z scar as it's slowly increasing the z height the whole time. I gave up on this feature because of the scar.
  14. The new version of Cura (15.06) no longer has the Nozzle Size option. Can someone please explain what settings need to be set when printing with different nozzle sizes. Is it "Wall Line Width"? anything else?
  15. A few things; Where are the different views, X-ray, Transparency and Overhang? I see the Overhang view option in preferences but overhang indication will not appear unless you have "Enable Support selected". How do you know if you need support if you don't see any overhang indications? Where is the nozzle size selection, the new options are very confusing. Please bring back the mm^3 per second indicator under the print speed box, that was super helpful.
  16. It might be that the fan is cooling the block too quickly. Watch the temp as the fan kicks in to see if the temp drops very quickly.
  17. You first need to use the control knob on the front of the printer to get it close and then use the screws under the bed to fine tune it.
  18. If points are to be an indication of how active and helpful a member is, giving 100 points for every year someone has been a member skews that purpose. example: I have have been a member for only 1 year and have 44 posts, I'm at level 13 with 178 points. There are many members that have only posted 5 times but are at level 21 with 405 points because their join date was 2012. There is a good chance they are no longer active in the community. the numbers have no meaning unless you post several hundred times a year.
  19. Looks like all new posts since your last visit show up on the front community page.
  20. Where did you get the sample kit from and what colors? you may have their sample XT filaments in which case you should be printing much hotter.
  21. I have Woodfill and Bamboofill in stock. You can order a print through my Hub here https://www.3dhubs.com/new-york/hubs/gothampixel
  22. Nice demo on cold casting 3D prints with metallic powders
  23. Refund came through today, Thanks Sander. note to US Ultimaker owners. Save yourself the headache and get your parts from http://fbrc8.com
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