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  1. Spell checking works for me in chrome on my Mac. I don't think it is a feature of the forum, rather a feature of the browser, if not the OS.
  2. Definitely interested in the RSS and RSB. 1 mm VERY interesting. Is it available at 3dsolex yet?
  3. I heard that the designer works as a postman, part time
  4. gr5 yessss! Thank you. I did not remember it was so nice, so much nicer than my own setup https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/11310-accessory-purchases-for-new-user
  5. In the "Prints" section, what about adding a "Chronological" (or "sort by latest") to this menu: Sorting on the basis of likes makes a lot of sense, but should be an option and not the only way, so as to give some chances to the latest prints.
  6. I don't get how points are computed for profiles. In my profile, the "points" section shows: Total should be 245, however in my profile summary I see: with 87 points total. Either I don't get it, or the computation is wrong somewhere. Sander, any comment on this?
  7. Not sure if this was mentioned already. If someone "likes" a post, I can see the like but not WHO liked it. This is a serious flaw to the "Like" mechanism the way I see it.
  8. Version 1.0


    Treatment with texture paint, quite interesting "stone" effect
  9. I am totally unable to find a post by Izzy on the old forum in which he posted a few photos about the lazy susan setup he made for it's printer. Would really love to see these photos again. Izzy not sure if you know where your old post is, or if you could repost the photos maybe. This inspired me to make something similar for my UM2. Indeed one problem with the UM2 design is that you do have to be able to access the rear easily, for managing the filament spool. This limits the places in which you can operate the machine. My best spot for the UM is a table with a wall behind. I could not plac
  10. Swordriff thank you for this post. The community was temporarily "disrupted" by the software changes, I trust it will slowly reform around the new platform. One of my most serious problems at the moment is to find some old posts I was following. For instance, there was an Izzy post with some pictures of his lazy susan setup that I would really wish to find, as a reference, as I am implementing a similar (although less elegant) solution. No way for me to find all Izzy's posts. If I go to his profile I only see the very last posts, and no way to see the older ones. If I search "Izzy" with the
  11. There is a bug that should be easily fixed in the pages graphical layout. If a username is too long it will "spill" in the column of the posts. See the red arrow in the picture below.
  12. Mon ami Rigs, nice to see you again! Now, I haven't followed closely the forum lately, for the well know reasons. Is the "Friends" feature gone? Hope it can be restored back, I loved to have forum friends
  13. Hello everyone, just a quick post to say that I was finally able, today, to reset my password and login, after much struggle with the password reset form that was just keeping reloading itself. Today, it worked. I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Sander and to Zenalda of customer support for the great and careful assistance during these days of exclusion, it was not funny to be locked out from my favorite community. Also thank you so much to Swordriff who has been really helpful and supportive in this period. I hope that, as myself, now also the other members who were locked out can be
  14. There is a special section of 3DHubs especially for getting Ultimaker samples, even with your own file: https://www.3dhubs.com/ultimaker
  15. comme dit pm_dude http://www.3dhubs.com
  16. Beaucoup mieux mais pas encore parfait, peut etre parceque il y a encore un place libre dans la file des buses? (LOL)
  17. Super! LOL On dirait de la sous extrusion. Tu pourrait essayer: plateau 70°C + laque pour cheveux (bien mieux de la colle, moins "invasif" sur la buse et ca tient très bien) layer 0.2 vitesse 25 partout flow 103% Le dessin est très joli, j'aimerais bien voir ca sur youmagine
  18. La tete 3D solex (Olson block) accepte buses de differents diametres, comme par example celles de E3D, mais il y a aussi des autres producteurs. 3Dsolex va sortir ses propres buses, appelées "Jet", mai c'e n'est pas encore disponible. Le Olson block est expedié avec des buses E3D pour le moment. 0.8 permet d'imprimer BEAUCOUP plus vite, et avec un layer heigh majeur (moi je suis arrivé a 0.6 sans problemes). Pour des pieces qui ne demandent pas un grosse resultion, c'est super. Tu peut faire en 3h une piece qui normalement prendrait 24 h. 0.25 permet d'atteindre une resolution bien majeure d
  19. Bravo a Didier pour avoir pensé au retractions, c'était pas evident. On oublie parfois que certains problems peuvent etre liés non pas a la machine, mais a la piece du moment.
  20. It is underextrusion. What are your settings for the second print?
  21. Yes, my account was suspended again yesterday Not sure what I did wrong this time :-P
  22. Le coup de lime a l'interieur ca va aider, et probablement ca va resoudre le probleme pour un peu. Mais la vraie solution c'est de changer le teflon avec un nouveau, car la lime ne va pas resoudre la deformation (rainure) a l'interieur du cilindre. Faut toujours avoir deux ou trois coupleur "spare". Tu pourrai aussi considerer de adopter le I2K insulator: http://3dsolex.com/?page_id=17 qui va considerablement prolonger la vie de tes coupleurs. Moi je l'ai monté et je suis tres content, pour l'instant j'ai l'impréssion que ca marche tres bien.
  23. Une chose que tu pourrait faire c'est de laisser tomber l'ABS pour une ou deux semaines. Si tu alterne ABS et PLA, et si des petits debris de ABS restent dans le circuit, quand tu passe au PLA ca va bloquer tout. Donc pour avoir une vision plus claire de ce qui se passe ici, enlever cette possibilité de l'equation ca pourrait etre une bonne idee. Quand tout marche bien avec le PLA et tu as fait un peu de pratique, tu peut revenir a l'ABS.
  24. Le debugging c'est toujours saoulant. Au debut j'ai eu les memes problemes que toi. La solution? Changer le coupleur teflon. Ca vaut la peine de controller, demonter le hot end ca prends 5 minutes. Bonne chance.
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