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  1. best guess is too many retractions have eaten thru your filament, when the knurled wheel pushes and pulls to many times on one area it starts to fall apart.. re slice it with less retractions after you change the filament out! good luck!!
  2. Looks like a bad Y stepper motor to me.
  3. re-summarization: dude. quit whining. You're so dead set on failure, you've nearly guaranteed it. Go download a copy of meshmixer, spend 2 hours watching tutorials on youtube, cut up the model and print it in multiple parts. My car doesn't get the advertised MPG. It's gonna be ok, (or not.) Your choice.
  4. I've never had PLA lifting issues, glue stick once a month seems to be enough residual grip.. are you just trying different substances on your print bed or has somebody previously indicated that salt water would work? Other suggestions: maple syrup beer milk rubber cement flour / water let us know what works best / how that cake turns out!!!
  5. Why yes, I am!! The pic you posted has dramatic underextrusion, can you see light through the nozzle after atomic pulls?
  6. clean your nozzle and knurled wheel yet?
  7. can you see light thru the nozzle after atomic pull? the knurled wheel will pick up little bits and lose its effective grip after grinding as well.
  8. have you tried a different USB port?
  9. Unless you turn down the temp in "pause" mode, your ptfe coupler will meet an early demise as a result.
  10. I've seen that effect when using cheaper filament, I chalked it up to diameter consistency. Swapping to a different brand fixed it for me, your results may vary
  11. Ok can we elaborate on cool stuff??? is it easy to set up! are you using the turntable! is the software reliable ???????? I came up with my own turntable / active camera rig, arduino based. The software works well, there's some quirks but thats sort of par for the course I think. here's the link to their demo download: http://www.david-3d.com/en/support/downloads
  12. you can try messing with the cooling option, if the print head has slowed down on the last few layers I've found it can melt the layers underneath and cause that kind of deformation. Good luck, keep us posted!!!
  13. I'm using david scanner, takes a little fiddling but cool stuff!!
  14. ah yes, the deltamaker!! nice print
  15. try turning the temp up and slowing down the print speed a bit, looks like the material isn't staying hot enough to bond.
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