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  1. Ik kom steeds weer nieuwe filemant leveranciers tegen. Vraag me af wie wat al uitgeprobeerd heeft: Hestay – http://www.hestay.nl/nylon-filament-glas-helder.html en is 3.00 mm ook te gebruiken (ipv 2.85)? Prometheus – http://prometheusfilament.nl/product-categorie/filament/175285-specials/nylon/nylon-2-85mm/ En 123-print doet er nu ook al aan. Ook kom ik ineens HIPS als materiaal tegen. Iemand al mee gewerkt? En tot slot: ervaringen met UM2 en flexibel filament?
  2. Bamboo. Hopeless. Colorfab was so nice to help with the best settings as well as with a new filament to compensate for all the trouble. Bad luck, second wider nozzle is also ruined. Bamboo just does not work. Printing top layers is where it all goes wrong. Tried different temps, different speeds, different nozzles. The stuff burns inside the nozzle. Then it's game over. DO NOT BUY BAMBOO!
  3. And still no answer on how to activate the Pause plugin. So back to the old Cura.
  4. Nice try. Found a third Plugins folder in the new Cura: Contents -> Resources -> Uranium -> Plugins So Cura has three plugin folders. And the fun of it: still no go. Maybe add a fourth plugin folder? C'mon guys. Make some documentation on Cura. And i do not mean technical documentation, but useable documentation. This really sucks.
  5. Really. From prersonal experience... You buy a $2000 Ultimaker 3D printer with heated bed and all. But results suck if you do not use a generic $1 glue stick on the glass plate. The glue heats up and sticks like hell. You have to let it cool down to get the object from the glass plate. Any glue stick will do. Now and then clean the glass with a spunge and warm water.
  6. On a Mac that means opening the Cura.app, OK? I found two Plugin folders. One in resource, one in resources -> Cura. Tried both, no luck.
  7. OK. End then? Where how to install. Is there any proper documentation on Cura and plugins?
  8. I still do not see how i can get Cura 15.06 to pause at height xxx like with the old Cura. Help anyone?
  9. Received a package from Norway today with more nozzles than i asked for. With thanks and regards to @swordriff.
  10. I use the old and new Cura side by side. Got a few questions on the new Cura, which is beautiful by the way. 1. How / where can i save the print profile? Cannot find it in the menu's. 2. For the old Cura i used the plugin Pause at height. Is there something like that for the new Cura? I like the concentric bottom/top pattern. Much better result for horizontal surfaces. Thanks.
  11. Made a payment to Carl Beck / 3dSolex via his website on the 18th of June. Still waiting for the nozzle. No respons on e-mail. Not a proper way of doing business.
  12. Where's the download link to the new Cura Beta? Cannot find it.
  13. The Bamboo adventure has two results now. The first one is that my filament feeder (don't know the proper name for it) that pushes the filament up on the back of the machine, does not work properly anymore. Probably has remains of the bamboo on the wheel or something. Second is the reply from Colorfabb: A bit disappointing it is. They better add this info to their webpage about the bamboo. The settings mentioned did really not work. So now i have to order different nozzles for the bamboo. I will order these wider nozzles and will reply my results here. Not giving in that easy.
  14. I now understand why you cannot choose bamboo filament in the partypack of Colorfabb, while you can choose woodfill. It thought it was strange, but now it makes sense. Wood printed just fine.
  15. I just finished cleaning. Removed the filament hoze (or whatever fancy name it has), heated up the BBQ and pushed good filamen through with force by hand from the top of the extruder. It took some time for all the dirt to come out. For me woodfill went fine and even copper went great with a bit more speed. Hope Colorfabb will come with settings that work.
  16. I think pushing dirt back with a needle, is not the solution indeed. Better remove the filament feeder hoze (or whatever kinky name it has). Then heat up the nozzle and forcefully feed it with some filament from the top of the print head manually, until filemant comes out like it should. This worked for me and takes no more than a few minutes.
  17. Just wrote a complaint to Mr. and Mrs. Colorfabb. The bamboo not only sucks, it also ruined my nozzle completely. I am not amused.
  18. Same here with Colorfabb bamboofill. Tried everything. It seems like it burns in the nozzle. Cleaned it twice, wasted meters of filament just to push the dirt out of the nozzle. Bamboofill sucks.
  19. Hi all, Tried printing Bamboofill PLA from Colorfabb with settings provided by this thread. No luck, cluttered nozzle, smelled like the neighbours were having a bbq. Cleaned the nozzle, ready to start again, but with what settings? Strange thing was that Woodfill worked perfectly with standard Fast settings. So, any ideas on settings for Bamboofill?
  20. Bulk-aanbiedingen zoals deze moeten na te trekken zijn. Gewoon om een oorspronkelijke factuur van UM vragen voordat je erop in gaat. Mijn UM2 komt van Marktplaats, maar dan gewoon van een particulier en met oorspronkelijke aankoopbon.
  21. Maybe Cura can get a Results-plugin. After a print with certain settings, you use the plugin to evaluate the printing results and used material and objectives you had with making this print. Off course the evaluation Q&A have to be quantifiable. The plugin sends these results back to UM for processing into presets.
  22. Ulti Event Utrecht, november 15 2015. We got an in-depth presentation on the new Cura. A new architecture with basically the same functionality, but presented in a different way and with way more settings for the advanced users. These settings are somehow hidden, so new and less experienced users are not scared off. The four simple settings are now replaced by a slider with actually one hundred simple settings. Which is nice if time is an issue in your printing, as time is the parameter in this slider. Then there are the plugins. Cura is now fully built around the concept of plugins. So al
  23. Thanks for the reply on the other post. Looks very nice. I read about people vaporizing Acetone for fine result. Also people using stuff called THF (break cleansing fluid if i'm not mistaking). But after seeing your images, i'll certainly try this recipe.
  24. Thanks for the info. I'm not complaining. No inconveniance. just letting you know. Web development is my turf, i know how it works.
  25. OK, thanks. BTW: Clicking Best answer gives a 404.
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