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  1. The hollow prime tower has been removed in Cura 2.4 beta 2.
  2. I'm sorry, the Beta 2 has been published few days ago and I don't see thread update
  3. Hi @SandervG The resseller has not been able to repair it quickly so he sends me a new one. This one is good (it works ! ,white frame is ok, z is ok, pulley setup is ok). However, it is a resseller choice, not the the french distributor choice.
  4. I have seen that Cura 2.4 Beta 2 has been released. What are the changes ?
  5. Someone have tried to print support with PLA but support interface with PVA ?
  6. Polymaker has a new promising support material :
  7. It works good with the Android app called "TinyCamFree" : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alexvas.dvr I can use an external IP when I'm not in the wifi network. We can't do this yet with the Ultimaker app.
  8. - 215°C temperature for Ultimaker PVA (default) or 210°C for Formfutura Atlas support - I'm still using a prime tower because without, I have little holes on the walls, due to PVA residues. - 35° support overhang because the walls are not clean at 45° - 25% support density (15% can be ok) - 0 support Z distance - 0 support X/Y distance (if not, the part is not well supported at high angles) - 0 minimum support X/Y distance (same reason) - 2mm support horizontal expansion (or more, depending on the part, PVA does not stick on the PLA, this setting can help) - enable support interface -
  9. It's a pretty standard MJPG stream, I'm pretty sure just about anything can view it. (A browser is just simple) Yes, http browser can read it. There is no "rtsp" ?
  10. I have replaced my Z-motor. The new one doesn't had this sound when I move it by hand. However, the sound during printing seems to be normal because I have the same on the other printer. @SandervG, are you sure that the auto level is off after 20 layers ?
  11. I have good results with PLA+PVA and PETG+PVA but I have changed the Cura default settings.
  12. Thanks SandervG for your help. The french resseller don't want to give me a new one ! He wants to repair it ! This is how I received it : I don't know how I will receive it after 2 new shipping. I will receive a "repaired" UM3 which is not what I have bought. I have bought a NEW professionnal high quality printer ! I'm very disapointed with 2 UM3, only 1 UM3 had no issue.
  13. Hi SandervG, How can I upgrade the firmware without any menu ? I have inserted a usb key with the firmware files but the rotating button does nothing.
  14. After several issues with my Ultimaker 3 (solved with a waste of time), I have bought 2 new UM3. This is the first start : I cannot update the firwmare because I cannot see the menu ! What the hell are you doing at Ultimaker (@SandervG) ! Is it a 4500€ quality control ?! (you can also see a bad cut of the white plate below ER25 text)
  15. Can you move the Z axis by hand ? As I can :
  16. Do not use X/Y distance = 0, it will cause little holes in the part due to PVA residues.
  17. Hi, I'm not able to configure the UM3 camera like a standard IP camera (Foscam). I'm using a chrome extension to display my Foscam cameras but UM3 is only available as a web page ?
  18. The pink material is "Formfutura Atlas Support" PVA. I can see what has not been dissolved because it's not transparent.
  19. Thanks. temperature.html displays a graph (about temperature, not power). log.html only display the text logs (no graph).
  20. Thanks ! I cannot find the power consumption in the log.html, do you manage to get the power consumption ?
  21. Try to clean the build plate, clean the nozzles and do a manual bed leveling. I sometimes have this error when the nozzles are not clean.
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