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  1. For those of you who already bought the 3015 fans, there is still a fan shroud variant to use 3015 with v1.5. Unfortunately I can not find it (((
  2. qwerty8224


    О да вашейв😉your builds are wonderful))) keep up the good work))))
  3. GR5 I do not want to offend you, but it seems to me that you are not pursuing a good goal - to say that one is better than the other, and give an example of the testing that was. You are an adult and should understand that these are two different approaches to cooling. I will explain to inexperienced people (like you) UM2 (which has been tested) uses cooling on one plate, that is, 1 nozzle through this plate heats the other nozzle. DXU uses a separate cooling system for each nozzle. There is a separate radiator. Such a system costs UM3 and S5, and the temperature of the first or second nozzle is not connected to each other. I think for a full understanding, you can just say that the cooling system costs from UM3 for cooling radiators I recommend Sunon fans Gm0502PEV1 selected 1 means flow rate 1 strongly 3 weakly there is also a fan Sunon 1 cm thick but pay attention to 1 at the end. And yes, I am very grateful to everyone who worked on the project MARK2 and DXU for the work done and the work.
  4. Я построил DXU))) спасибо за отличный дизайн, который мне действительно нравится))) осталось подружиться с ним или приручить этого зверя)))
  5. Thanks to ALL the developers of the Cura 3.5 3.6 chicken works well (the extruder moves exactly on the tower) I love it 😜 the print is very good 🤗 tinkergnome I want to ask this project DXU UM2 much better? (as viewed from the firmware side) Should I switch to it?
  6. smartavionics Dropbox win64.exe very very good ?
  7. thanks to everyone who took part in the development ... my prints have become even better))) you make me happy)))))))
  8. Again broke Cura 3.4 (((. Printing PLA support PVA Mark2Tweaks.py does not work. Command Ultimaker ???
  9. tinkergnome Thank you for not forgetting about this wonderful project Mark2 .... installed Mark2Tweaks.py (cura-3.2-resources) and my 2 nozzles became just fine to work with. Stopped to visit the place 1 nozzle all super I'm very happy))))) And again thanks to everyone who took part in the development of this project YOU gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with two-tone printing at minimum cost. ))))
  10. correct please definition of nozzles for Сura 3.4 [values] machine_nozzle_size = 0.6 machine_nozzle_tip_outer_diameter = 1.25 coasting_volume = 1.36 speed_wall = = round (speed_print * 4/3, 1) speed_wall_0 = = 1 if speed_wall <10 else (speed_wall - 10) speed_topbottom = = round (speed_print / 2, 1) then what is highlighted should be removed .... I have to Cura 3.4 works.
  11. as always, I like everything))) but it's a pity that many excellent fixations from smartavionics did not get into this assembly (((. thanks to everyone who takes part in the development.
  12. Thank you. Then I will look for the best results with different types of plastic.
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