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  1. you can find it under cooling. For ABS i usually turn if off or just 5%. And i also just print with a speed of 30. But i dont know how the setting for cpe are, never printed with cpe.
  2. This does not really look like a shift on the printed part. Since you print with ABS (which is kind of difficult to print) can you give us some more information about your printing settings? Temperature, speed, etc...
  3. I found this thread. there is pretty much every possible solution explained. Just read through the thread.
  4. its probably because of an clogged nozzle or the filament is grinded down by the feeder. To check if you have a clogged nozzle, you can set the nozzletemp to 200°C for PLA and then push the filament manualy through the nozzle. To check if the filament is grinded down, unload the filament and look for spots that are grinded down. What material did you use and at what temperature/speed do you print?
  5. I also had some problems with the blobs and strings. I think that was because the pva is hygroscopic. We have an oven here at work that is on 24 hours a day at 40 degrees. I stored the pva there over night and tried it again the next day. it worked great then without blobs and strings. Since then i have two pva coils and change the coil every time i start a print. The unused one comes in the oven.
  6. That's a prime tower. The software doesn't need it, but it is advantageous if you print with two materials. You can disable the prime tower under dual extrusion -> enable prime tower.
  7. actually there is a "slice" button. You just have to go to general preferences and deactivate "slice automatically".
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