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  1. I have had the issue numerous times with my S5. Many times the filament has snapped. I've noticed that the non-Ultimaker filament spooi that I am using doesn't sit straight on the holder of extruder 1. The feed causes it to tilt on the feeder axis and the Extruder 1 spool hits the Extruder 2 spool causing the problem. One work-around that works (most of the time) is that I put a cardboard washer on the feeder axis between the 2 spools. Not foolproof but significantly better operating. Probably a better washer solution is in order.
  2. I have contacted Ultimaker support about this. There are additional parameters that can be set on the S5 printer that are not accounted for in Cura. In my case, the model that I am printing is over 228mm in the y-axis. Here is Ultimaker's support comments: Cura should detect when the model is out of bounds and not allow it to slice. I believe this issue is due to the "Support Horizontal Expansion" function. This is 3mm by default, by lowering this to 1mm, I was able to print your model. Support horizontal expansion will increase the support structur
  3. Cura slices and sends file to my S5. But S5 won't print: "Exceeds Build Volume". Why? Is this a bug?
  4. Successfully using PLA 0.4 in Extruder 1 and PVA 0.8 in Extruder 2. However, I must override the warning/error msg from the UM3 that says different cores being used each time I print. Can this be a preference option so that we don't need to override each time?
  5. Just wanted to finish this off with a progress report: I had to unclog my UM3 with a needle. I haven't had any clogging problems since.
  6. Please see image below from the Cura Monitor. Since the information is garbled/incomplete I can't understand what the printer is "waiting for". I am using 2 extruders - Extruder 1 is PLA, Extruder 2 is PVA. In Cura, I select "brim" for plate adhesion using Extruder 2. Extruder 2 is loaded with PVA and I can use it for generated support. If I, instead, select Extruder 1 for the plate adhesion, all is well and I get a print. Can anyone offer help? Olaf
  7. Thanks. Yes. That is exactly what is happening. This is my second print with the UM3. Very surprised that the nozzle would block as this is a brand new printer using UM PVA!
  8. Cura has support structure (see picture), but UM3 does not print it. I have both extruders on with Extruder 2 as the support. The base is printed (in PVA) but no other support structure is printed. I had a similar problem with another print where the support was printed for about 75% of the layers. The top layers did not have support event though Cura showed it. Why is this happening? Am I missing something? Olaf
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