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  1. Hello, yesterday I changed the Filter of my Air Manager. Today I heard that the steppers are still enabled. (Motors warm and cant move head) So I testet it again.. and yes after the Filter change the printer homes but not disables the steppers.
  2. Die Position des Primetower kannst du übrigens auch einstellen. Sodass er z.B nahe am Druckobjekt sitzt um den Fahrweg gering zu halten.
  3. Okey. But sadly this is no Option for me. I use a FritzBox with some Mesh repeaters. This works fine. Everywhere are the same SSID and I dont have to switch between WIfis. Every other (about 20 Devices) works fine with this. So I dont want to change a nice working System just because of one Device is not able to handle this. If you know what I mean. So I have to use LAN till this is been fixed.
  4. Since two days the connection is working working without any prpblems. ... So I think it was a Ultimakter Cloud Server problem or server maintenance.
  5. Hello, my UMS5 Bundle disconnects from cloud after some minutes of running. (In Digital Factory and in Cura) If I restart the printer it work again for couple minutes. After some minutes it says "offline" (Screenshot) I think its since the web interface of the cloud has changed some days (weeks??) ago. I changed nothing at the printer or my local network. It worked nice for months with the exact same network and setup.
  6. Okey. Yes I installed it yesterday. But direkt from the Version bevore 6.1 (skipped 6.1 because of the comments here 😅) I printed 2 things yesterday. Till now no issues. (Yes of course the history is gone but...)
  7. Has exactly the same... Tried it 5 times. After that I used a LAN cable ...till today.
  8. Is it not possible to safe the data bevor doing this? For expampel plug USB Stick or something? Just as inspiration for future things like this..
  9. Hello, in the Release Notes (shown at the printer) there is something with a "script to not lose the printing history etc" How does it work? Where can I find it? Why are things like these lost at an Update?! An update should not delete anythign like this...
  10. Genau so ist es. Sehr Anwendungsabhängig. Persönliche Erfahrung: Bei starren Dingen PC. Bei eher flexiblen Dingen (und niedrigen Temp-Bereichen) Nylon. Aber wie gesagt sehr Anwendungs und auch Druckteil abhängig.
  11. I had this problem bevore. I changed the bowden tube to the PrintCore to a PTFE tube. After this the prints worked. But then I dont used it for 2 monts and had the problems again. The material is brittle... So I its to dry 🤔?
  12. Is someone sucesfull and consistend printing PVA with the Ultimaker S5 Bundle? I got Problems every print I do with this. Now im using Brekaway whenever ist is possible, but sometimes I need PVA. (And of course I bought the Material station etc because of the "good" handling for PVA) Some times the PVA broke, and stook in the material station (see Picture), other times the PVA broke at the extruder and the printer says "extrusion problem". Other time the PVA was stook in the tube to the PrintCore. Are there solutions or experience with this ? Of co
  13. Falls die Temperatur-Beanspruchung nicht groß ist, ist Nylon eigentlich auch eine gute Sache. Kommt wohl aber auch sehr stark auf die Geometrie an. Wenn es reicht fein ist, ist Nylon wahrschein schon wieder zu flexibel. Bei stärkeren Geometrien die nicht brechen sollen funktioniert es aber gut.
  14. Unfortunately true. Especially because it always worked for me before....
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