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  1. The thermometer inside the printer, how much difference is there compared to the Digital Factory readings? I'm curious....
  2. Enabling Prime Tower would help with this.
  3. Or you can manually change it on the Printers Screen "Select Type". (Find the replacement material and over ride it).
  4. I agree with Smithy above. Drawn a quick "mock-up" and created an .stl this is what it should look like, also added some Rad to strengthen the fins. The GREEN arrow shows the "Start Point" - As you can see there's only 1. Your model shows 3, which suggests it's not connected.
  5. Have you checked the feeder tension? Credit to DidierKlein for this: The second arrow shows the pressure level, it should be at the middle
  6. Apologies terrypin....I wasn't clear.... Breakaway material is a specific type of material. https://ultimaker.com/materials/breakaway The settings of which are within Cura.......she below screenshot. This is a screenshot of something that is printing right now: We are using PLA material, and this is very easy to remove. The image also shows what settings we're using.
  7. Reducing the "Support Density" from 20% to 10% might help..... Also, using breakaway material will help.
  8. Cura Plug-in is here: https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/rlsijlbing/BASF_Ultrafuse_316L
  9. It has USB on one end and Micro USB on the other. We found it much easier to remove the camera housing from the printer frame open the case and change the Camera Board ONLY (by un-plugging the micro USB end and replacing). A lot easier than trying to re-route the new cable. Really simple and easy to do.
  10. We've had this problem also..... Contacted reseller and obtained this: Now the problem has been sorted: According to reseller: "The camera sometimes go myopic over time".
  11. Have you tried a different orientation? (Spinning the ball around....)
  12. I find it fairly accurate. When I begin prints, I check the first few layers.....once the print is well underway, I always "Tune" the print speed to 130% - 140% as it's a nice surprise to come back to the printer and it's almost finished, sooner than expected.......seems to work ok with PLA, not too well with ABS mind (delamination of layers...)
  13. Also make sure "Support" and "Brim" is not ticked.
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