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  1. Hi Does anyone have any ideas on this as it is still happening Thanks
  2. Hi I am experiencing an issue where when my filament runs out, the printer pauses awaiting a filament change, I change the filament and restart the printer. When the print continues i have notice the layers have shifted considerabley as shown in the images below, This happens on a number of Gcodes with different models, these models also print perfectly fine when there is sufficient filament without stopping. It seems like the print head looses the positional data and restarts offset Does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be resolved. Cheers
  3. Hi I work for an aircraft manufacturing company and we create tools and jigs using the Ultimaker printers. Some of the setting tools are reversible which means they can be used on port (left hand ) wings on one side, flip it over they will set for Starboard (right hand) wings. In the industry port tooling it colored red and starboard tooling in green to limit the chance of using the wrong tool Currently I am printing these with a pause in, at a set layer height so the material can be changed to the other color, currently the print runs over night and waits for my next shift to resume the print with the second color. I was wondering, can I set a layer height at which the printer will start to use the second nozzle as the other color rather than support material, we have a AA Nozzle fitted for use with breakaway so that is not an issue. Many thanks
  4. Hi can anyone shed any light on why this is happening on some layers and not others. I am tryin to print a cylindrical shape, but some layers in the top part are not full circlar paths when printing. This is not on every layer but a good number throughout. How can i stop this from happening? Thanks
  5. Could anyone advise what is going on here. I paused a print as the first layer had failed, during the pause process the head moves to the front of the printer but doing this resulted in the head protruding past the footprint of the printer housing. Normally this wouldn't concern me much but I have a Perspex door fitted to the front of the unit and it has snapped the hinge. What would cause the head to protrude this far past the limits The door needs to be fitted for health and safety reasons in my place of work. Cheers Ste
  6. I have looked into doing this on my material station and it will only load the material in as a generic PLA not a specific color are per the Ultimaker brand reels, this will not continue to print for me as the color it is requesting has not been loaded. is there any other way to select the type and color to fool the system or is the best way to keep the NFC circles in the future? Cheers
  7. I have tried to register my S5 and the website comes up with an error. Could you please look into this so i can access the training materials Many thanks Steven
  8. Hi Yes I have 3 x ultimaker 5's and 1 x ultimaker 3, the ultimaker 5 with the issue has a material station installed on it. This has been printed with PLA and PVA (both ultimaker brand) i have tried BASF brand PLA and this produces the same result. The tension of the filament feeder is set to the middle (I am under the impression this is the nominal position)
  9. Good Afternoon All I have been printing fine for a while now but I took one print off the glass bed and went to restart the print again to print exactly the same but was not successful. It seems like the feed was not working correctly When printing a calibration print to align print cores this is the effect which I get. The bundle feeds the filament fine when setting up, the first few lines print good but then the quality fades and the lines start to be come dots as seen in the photos I have tried to resolve this by changing the filament, print core, cleaning feeder wheels, cleaning boden tubes, print core cleaning. I am struggling how to resolve this and what to do next Any advice is much appreciated
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