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  1. I have tried to register my S5 and the website comes up with an error. Could you please look into this so i can access the training materials Many thanks Steven
  2. Hi Yes I have 3 x ultimaker 5's and 1 x ultimaker 3, the ultimaker 5 with the issue has a material station installed on it. This has been printed with PLA and PVA (both ultimaker brand) i have tried BASF brand PLA and this produces the same result. The tension of the filament feeder is set to the middle (I am under the impression this is the nominal position)
  3. Good Afternoon All I have been printing fine for a while now but I took one print off the glass bed and went to restart the print again to print exactly the same but was not successful. It seems like the feed was not working correctly When printing a calibration print to align print cores this is the effect which I get. The bundle feeds the filament fine when setting up, the first few lines print good but then the quality fades and the lines start to be come dots as seen in the photos I have tried to resolve this by changing the filament, print core, cleaning feeder wheels, cleaning boden tubes, print core cleaning. I am struggling how to resolve this and what to do next Any advice is much appreciated
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