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ended Community Contest, part 1 | The Ultibot

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Last week we started adding a free Olsson Block set with every sold Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended. We'll continue doing this for a few weeks because we believe it is a great example of what the community contributes to Ultimaker. And the Olsson Block can definitely be a valuable addition to your Ultimaker.

You guys carry a lot of knowledge, helped countless of users and continue to contribute to the Ultimaker ‘Universe’. Obviously, you deserve something for this too!

So for the next few weeks we will host a 3D printing contest.

Every week we’ll have a new winner who wins a special edition Olsson Block set.

It contains the same set of nozzles we share with our new users, but especially for you we have added the 1.0mm nozzle too, for the super fast prints!

To draw you the full picture, it contains the:


  • Olsson Block itself
  • 0.25mm nozzle
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.6mm nozzle
  • 0.8mm nozzle
  • 1.0mm nozzle
  • a screwdriver and socket to swap nozzles.


To make it a little bit challenging for you guys, and make it an Olsson Block worthy contest the overall challenge will be: print as small as possible!

The other rules of the contest are pretty simple.




  1. We know how you all love hacking and modifying, so we have only one guideline: it must be printed on an Ultimaker with a 0.4mm nozzle. Besides that.. everything goes!
  2. Print as small as possible!*
  3. Entries must be uploaded in the Print section. (Fill out your settings if you want. The winner agrees to share his settings at the end of the week).
  4. Share the link and a picture of your upload in this thread.
  5. Add at least one picture in your upload which illustrates its size, like by adding a ruler, digital calliper or something like that.
  6. Everyone can participate in every contest, but you can only win once.
  7. There will be only 1 prize per contest



Extra information


  • *We will choose a winner based on size, but aesthetics as well.
    Small is great, but it also has to look like a good print!
  • We will announce each weeks winner on Monday in the corresponding thread on our forum, on our Twitter feed and Instagram!
  • You can participate until Sunday midnight CEST.



What do I need to print?

The model for the first contest is pretty obvious, our very own Ulti-bot. We can't really do without him can we?

But be aware, the prints will get trickier down the road!!

Download the file here.

Upload your entry here.

Share your entry here below.

Alrighty then..

Ready? Set? Print awaaaaaay!

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Damn, I'll give it a try. Does the Olson block also fit on an UMO :)? And is it useful? I like the challenge regardless.


It does fit in the heater block, but the nozzles are significantly smaller. So I don't know how it will affect the print quality. I do know it was originally intended for the Ultimaker 2.

I'll do a test print here during the week and let you know. So you can start participating and if you happen to win we'll find an appropriate prize if it doesn't work.

Looking forward seeing your entry!

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It won't work on umo without some serious mod. For example it would need a shorter peek and the 4mm dia heater. Also on umo since it uses 18v the heater shouldn't work. On umo+ it would need the peek modded and the new heater. Or an totally different redesign. Anyhow it's just my theory...

Also the only advantage va the umo heater it's that it's made of brass and has a more symmetrical design. But also the heater on umo it's 2-3 times less expensive (if you don't count the nozzles...)

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@Frederiekpascal Did you already see this contest?

Does this make 2 out of 2 predictions? ;)


Well, thank god you mentioned me in this post otherwise I would miss the contest imo... :)

First time I visit this "collaborations" forum. I would repost or mention the contest also in the general forum too. (Coffee Corner or Official Ultimaker News?)

Because I think you will miss some participants for your contest for the simple reason many people never visit the collaborations forum.... I don't have access to your analytics but the post before yours on the collaborations forum is 20 days ago. :)

Don't forget my other prediction: the UM2+ ;)

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I am  actively quite surprised how well a .4 nozzle prints small objects. So far I haven't manipulated the nozzle size in cura. But there is definitely a limit when it comes to keeping the hand supports.

I might try what neotko has done to see if you can go beyond this limit.


you'll have to hurry ;)

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