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UM3E _ build plate far away from printheads (10cm)

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Hello, I'm coming up to you about an issue I have with a UM3E that I tried to use after few months of inactivity.


I installed the last firmware normally via the printer but, when I wanted to start a print, the UM3E failed during auto levelling step.

Actually, the build plate stops at 10 centimeters from printheads, even if I try to level it manually.


I tried every "normal" ways to solve the problem, user reboot, factory reboot, second setup of the firmware, via USB this time… nothing changed.


The printer acts as if it was an UM3 not Extended, but it is… Every print I launch is considered too big for the printer, even the smallest thing. Maybe there is a conflict between Cura, where the printer is correctly set, and the firmware of the printer, set on the UM3 height instead of UM3E height.


I really don't know how to check in the firmware and if it is possible to fix my UM3E…

Please, help ! 



Build plate "raised"



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Hi @tinkergnome, thank you for the quick answer!

There is no obvious reason that could explain this identity crisis but few months of sleeping in a dark place… Every part comes from the original brand new box.


The topic seems to talk about the same issue and I'm excited about trying @Daid 's solution :



python3 /ulti_installer/configure_eeprom.py 9066" (or 9511 if you need an extended instead of a normal UM3)


But I don't know how to send this command line to the printer… Is there a console on Cura ? Or do I have to install Python 3 ?

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5 hours ago, studioAdhoc said:

But I don't know how to send this command line to the printer


If you want to do this, you have to connect with an ssh client to the printer.

In developer mode you can access, delete and change any file on the printer. That means you can completely mess up your device - so be very careful. If you have no clue what ssh is or how a linux system works... you should better ask your reseller for assistance - give him/her the link from the topic that is mentioned above (better safe than sorry...)


As a minimum for the DIY approach: read the first paragraphs of this topic about "developer mode" and "what does it do" before you start:





what is the output for the "Hardware type ID", if you scroll down on this screen?



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Okay, I think I understood what I have to do but I'm not really used to this kind of tricky business.

Without instructions for Windows, I think I won't be able to solve this by my own…

I have no idea of how I could connect to the ssh server.


@tinkergnome the Hardware Type ID is 0, it must be related to the "unknown" type of the printer.

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Hi, I asked a friend with more skills than me for some help 


He acceed to the ssh server of the printer, logged in with ROOT and tried to launch Daid's command (seen above) to set the Hardware type ID to "9511".



an error occured, with this message (last line) :

python3 /ulti_installer/configure_eeprom.py 9511
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/ulti_installer/configure_eeprom.py", line 24, in <module>
    eeprom = EEPROM()
  File "/ulti_installer/eeprom.py", line 22, in __init__
    self.__mac = binascii.hexlify(f.read(6)).decode('ascii')
TimeoutError: [Errno 110] Connection timed out

So the connection timed out, apparently…

We were so close… and we can't figure out why did it happen.

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seems like the system can not even read from the EEPROM, the comment in eeprom.py say:

# Location of the EEPROM in the filesystem (eeprom is exposed as a file-like object by linux)
__SYSTEM_EEPROM_FILE = "/sys/bus/i2c/devices/1-0050/eeprom"

Your friend can check, if this "file" exists on the printer, but to me it looks more and more like a hardware error of the Olimex board?


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We looked for EEPROM feedback and had no response...

It seem that you're right, Olimex board or the EEPROM chip must be damaged.

I hope the machine's warranty is still working !


So :


A Build Plate height issue can be caused by an "identity crisis" from the printer, that's to say the machine doesn't know what type of hardware it is. Our conclusion (so far and in this particular case) is that this identity crisis itself is caused by a hardware damage on the Olimex board, concerning the EEPROM chip.


Thanks a lot for your help !

I hope this printer will survive 

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