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Post your other Creative Things... non 3d print related ! ;-)

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Post your other Creative Things... non 3D print related ! ;-)

I thought this might be a fun idea.

Many of the people that buy an ultimaker are very creative by nature. That means that they have been producing some sort of creative product in one form or another before ultimaker came along.

Thats why this tread is designed to let users show case some of their other creative wonders :-)

Cant wait to see what you guys get upto with a blowtorch and angle grinder ? ;-)

Ian :-)


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Here is one from me to start.

Yesterday after work. I collected the girlfriend and brought her to a pottery course. My christmas present to her.

The lady that runs the show asked if I would like to try.. HEHE..

So sat down and watched as people created amazing pots... cups.. plates and egg cups... everything.. I sat and watched and pushed and pulled my clay to the form I wanted.

The lady told me it was the first time... the girl did a pussy cat and the boy did a 1813 heavy Napolean artillery cannon with cannon balls ontop of a castle tower.... HUH ???... really I was the first ??? ;-)

Ian :-)



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A thread right up my ally :)

(sorry for showing off, and the many pictures)

a very small collection of the stuff I Made in my 20 years as a modelmaker.

A 40" diameter highly detailed Stargate with lights


1:87 scale VOC ship (one of many)


I make my own furniture:

Round Audio tower

TV stand

iMac stand


My own Astromechs :)



Model painting of a Raptor, and home made Base


Scale model of a high performance yacht


Maquette of 3 windmils (all rotate)


Scale model of a Yacht


1:24 scale Blaak train station and trains for Madurodam miniature city


I could go on :)


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Wow those are fantastic models, every one of them is so professional looking! I love this forum I get to meet so many interesting people!

Ian, you should print out your model for a human vs printer comparison :smile:. Also great idea for a thread, I know there was recently a sticky added, but I think this should also be a sticky; very inspirational.

Good time to add the thread, this weekend I'll rummage through my electronic circuit builds and post some of my favorites. Many of which are going to be brought back to the work bench to mate with printed parts, increasing the utility of what I have already made significantly.


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my real name is Richard, 0235 is just my online name, used everywhere, email, MMO's, everything. i think it was my first ever log in at school, and stuck with it ever since.

as for the plane, its a de Havilland Chipmunk, UK air cadet trainer aircraft. that photo was actually taken very early in the morning, as the sun was rising on an all nigh model making session i pulled to get it completed for a competition the next day. cant really see it from taht angle, but the guy walking towards the aircraft has his parachute caught i nhis chair ,and everyone is supposed to be getting all panicked etc.

also notice the armour is Spartan 235, but carved a little "0" in front of it :)


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Super nice models guys, especially Xeno!

My other creative thing is making music! ;) Nothing physical, but you can check it here:


" data-controller="core.front.core.autosizeiframe" data-embedid="2390754802e3b6cf3345e74648449406" allowfullscreen="">" data-controller="core.front.core.autosizeiframe" data-embedId='a9a96fc111e299068671e60cf852f410' allowfullscreen=''> https://soundcloud.com/bas-de-bijl


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This VOC ship was 1 of several, all part of a huge Maquette, celebrating the 400 years of the VOC,

average time for 1 ship was about a month to build, we worked with a group of people.



Painting was done with oil paints to simulate the wood, en tiny brushed to paint the cityscape and details on the back of the ship.






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I have also a bit of a graphical background, as illustrator

Now I am going to learn the tools of 3D modelling and hopefully convert my ideas for (mainly) character design into 3D models.


love the portfolio site Sander.. I hope you dont mind me complimenting you ;-)... but your illustration skills are seriously amazing... really like your style !

Please put yourself down infront of a computer and get those creative thought into the 3D world !!!! :-)

Ian :-)


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I did a 3 hour pottery session with my girlfriend last night.

She created a cool big coffee cup with a alegator as handle.. really cool and I made 4 shot glasses....

I forgot to take a photo of my girlfriends creation but snapped the shot glasses quickly..

I wanted something different so i created a flat square base.. then two flat square sides left and right of the base.. then between those two walls hung a bending one piece section from top corner down and back upto right corner...

kinda hard to explain... might do a quick 3d model to show later.

Ian :-)



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Well, this is a fun topic! There's some really great stuff here!

This was a job back in 2011:


And this was a personal project:


I set out to make a model of the famous Coconut chair, but with perfect topology. And it was a tough cookie, but there's not a single triangle on this model, only quads.

And that's basically what I do - 3d. :D (There's a load of other stuff too, but kinda boring...)


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A long long time ago... before I ever I was beguiled by 3D printing, I fancied myself something of a photographer...




The first was a selection of photos taken on the first of three road trips with my best friend from University in the course of which we drove Route 66 - the first trip started in Arizona, and went west to LA. We did the middle section from Arizona to Oklahoma a couple of years later, and finished up with the Oklahoma to Chicago section last year.

The second batch is photos from a beautiful shallow lake in northwestern Tennessee - a couple of hours drive from my home. Reelfoot Lake was formed in the New Madrid earthquake of 1812, when the ground subsided and the Mississippi river flowed backwards for a day or more to fill it in. The tremors were felt as far away as Boston, and one day the fault will slip again, and most likely cause huge damage - indeed the risk of catastrophic Earthquake damage here in Memphis (where very little has proper seismic protection, and the ground will most likely liquefy into the limestone aquifers below) is far greater than the far more well known San Andreas fault in California.


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