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Do you want to buy the "Aluminium fan holder" for UM original?

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Recently I installed a heated bed kit in my UM original. But the fan holder that I printed myself with PLA could not resist the head from the heated bed.

I would love to buy the Aluminium fan holder that comes with the UM original if you buy it now and you could see here:


but I can't because UM doesn't sell it.

Hopefully, when they see the responses to this topic, UM changes their opinion and start selling the Aluminium fan holder as a spare part.

So thumbs up and respond to this topic if you want one too!



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This fan holder comes with the UMO+ it's fairly new (september). If it's like the UM2 it will take some time to have the parts available from the shop, maybe you can ask one from support?

They have a big demand for the UMO+ for the moment, so i'm not sure your demand will be rapidely answered but it's worth the try!


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We won't ship any Ultimaker Original + until the end of this month, so we won't even be able to consider this as

an option until after that date.

Given the fact that the Original is a Kit and consists of many many parts we can not sell all parts individually.

Some are also not stocked individually but as a pack.

So I can't tell yet if we would be able to offer this individually.

But given your description, there are also alternative routes.

If you want a new fan shroud, which is a bit more customizable then the metal one, you can also buy the fanpack.

It can withstand more heath, in contrary of a PLA shroud, unless it physically touches the heater block for instance.

(Pro tip: Don't let it touch the heater block.)

But it should be perfectly fine with a heated bed.


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I also have 2 fans on my Ultimaker Original, definitely an upgrade.

I printed both fanducts with PLA, but they don't touch or get close to the heaterblock.

I believe I had https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-fanduct-replacement one, and added a mount for the other side, so it would fit.


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Im thinking of printing the two fan ducts, you posted blecheimer. Do you have a Heated Bed, or is that just a metal+glass bed? And is that the stock fan times 2? Wired to the same output?

I tried this shroud once in PLA and it cracked under the heat: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:107413

You didn't have any problems with PLA Sander? Or are those far away from the heating block? Blecheimer's are pretty close to the nozzle/block, I even see some ripples in his ABS print.


You mentioned ABS/PLA90, Colorfabb XT has a GT of 75C, that should hold right?


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Yes, I have a heated bed kit and these fan ducts a especially made for this upgrade. The ducts will not touch the metal clamps if you use the whole bed size. It is recommeded to print these fan ducts in ABS to prevent melting or bending. PLA90 will work, too. I have no experience with XT, I guess it will do the job as well.

I am using two identical fans. They share one connector. But they are not stock (though they are the same size), I simply used some fans I had laying around.


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Sure, if you want to try it:

Left Fan Duct

Right Fan Duct

I used Orbi-Tech's PLA90 for my mobile phone holder in my car. It easily resisted 70°C. Normal PLA melted like hot cheese.

You just have to know that PLA90 is softer than normal PLA.


Note that in my opinion, this one restricts the airflow too much. As the fans are not that good at compressing air. So you're actually not getting that much flow out of that nozzle. However, the flow that you do get is nicely concentrated, so most likely it will work like a charm on small prints.

The duct that Sander linked is the one I'm using for years already. Serves me really well, and it's designed to be sturdy, so it might not melt with the heated bed, but I haven't tested that. (Blue tape for life!)


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Ultimaker support did send me a new aluminium cap (I cannibalized mine with scissors to adapt it for e3d nozzles).

The interesting think about this it's that they changed the design. Now it's 4-5mm taller and runs very close to the nozzles (this could be a problem if you wan't to use non 16mm nozzles. But so far it's quite nice. This time I bough 2x 50x50x10 fans (stock on umo+ has a weird 50x50x11,4mm tall size so on the photos you will see it it's curved.

Old fan cap

UMO+ Fan (1.0?)


New fan cap 2.0?

Aluminium Fan Cap 2.0 ? 1/2


Aluminium Fan Cap 2.0 ? 2/2


Alu fan cap 2.0 with my 50x50x10 fans


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That's funny...

I just spent some time to replicate the original one, because I liked the idea... (Without the right part as I wanted a 'quick access' to the nozzle)



I wonder why they did that...



stock on umo+ has a weird 50x50x11,4mm tall size so on the photos you will see it it's curved.


Funny as well -- my UMO+ fan is 10mm; the one on my UMO is 11,4 (I incidentally found that when I mounted a fan shroud from my UMO on the UMO+...)


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The "problem" not biggie it's that non 16mm nozzles hit the nozzle. Also weird on the umo+ BOM the fan shrout design it's the old one and there's not full design (probably because they changed it). So far my overhangs look great (but I use dual fans). By the (with the hand, nothing fancy) the air goes directly to the printed area and less to the sides. I thing they changed it because it cools better. I plan to make a copy but 7-9mm shorter on pla/xt for other nozzles.

If you want I can make better shoots with a caliper on the side so you can make yours. But I can't promise speed cos right now I'm trying to mod marlin so I can have 2 pids for the extruders.

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Well I had to uninstall the alu fan holder to put some e3d nozzles. This cap does not work well with this size nozzles. And my old cannibalized fan + printed fan, it's doing much better job at overhangs. I need to print a robot, but so far they are quite ok.

My Cannibal setup:

Cannibalized Alu holder + printed fans = Really sweet

And as promised I got some measures of the fan cap 2.0 just in case someone want to do something with it.

Fast measurement of the Aluminium Fan holder that Ultimaker sent me ( <3 )

And in PDF just in case you want to check the numbers faster or the photos, in my dropbox



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