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  1. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/40526-updating-the-firmware > Make sure to select 'custom' firmware like ghostkeeper said. Or wait for Cura 3.3 and upload the default firmware.
  2. Hello Blizz, How unfortunate to hear your Ultimaker 2+ has this end of print issue. Could you maybe verify: Do you use Cura 3.2 or Cura 3.2.1? Have you seen this behavior before Cura 3.2? Did you change/update the firmware of your Ultimaker 2+, right before this happened? Would you be able to share a gcode, for us to investigate? Regards, Jeroen
  3. Hi Guys, The bèta is online for a week now, has anyone tried the new function? It's called 'Enable prime blob' and is placed in the 'build plate adhesion' category. Regards, Jeroen
  4. Hi Nigel, I'm glad to announce it will be available when Cura 2.6_beta releases! You'll have to be a little more patient, keep an eye out on our website!
  5. Hi, I've had direct contact with LePaul. After a firmware upgrade to the latest version, it seems as the problem disappeared. For anyone stuck on this: Download the latest version of Cura here Upgrade your Ultimaker 2+ firmware. On the machine, go to Maintenance > Factory reset (to clear any faulty data) Good luck!
  6. Hi Vincentbaas, Sorry for the delay on my end. Just to get a fresh start, I advice to reset Cura. Instructions on that can be found here. I have forwarded the issue here at Ultimaker, but it seems unique and we cannot reproduce this in any way. Hopefully the reset helps! Jeroen
  7. Hi LePaul, I agree, Ultimaker should definitely fix this issue, so here are some questions! 1. Which version of Cura do you use to create the g-codes? 2. Are you running the latest firmware version? 3. It is normal for the Ultimaker 2+ to retract a few centimeter of filament to completely clear the hot end. This way your Ultimaker 2+ is protected from burning filament in the nozzle. a) How far exactly is the material being retracted? (It should not be visible in the bowden tube on top of the print head.) b) Has this always been an issue, or is it something new? 4. Does turning the print
  8. Tag, Und ab und zu auch in das Deutsche Teil. Aber: Haben Sie vielleicht ein Project file oder Gcode, wie der Nicolinux gefragt hat? Das macht für uns das viele male einfacher!
  9. Hi Vincent, The shortkey for zooming in Cura 2.3 and 2.4 is: 'SPACEBAR' + Move mouse up-down. Does pressing the spacebar remedy the issue? Is there a specific moment this appears? Only after a lot of zooming, panning and rotating? Does it work when restarting Cura, or are you still completely stuck? Regards, Jeroen
  10. Hi cube1us, How unfortunate to hear that your PC ran into problems after installing Cura. It has been 12days now, is there any progress on your side? You notice that you installed Cura 'as bundled with a Monoprice Select'? Does that mean you did not use the official download link from Ultimaker.com? Please note we do not longer support Cura 15.04.x and lower. To get a stable and fully supported package, download the latest Cura version here. Regards, Jeroen
  11. Hi Swissengineer, We are aware of the 'blobs' not sticking to the build plate and we are working on a solution to the problem, thanks for reporting! Sadly, I can't give an estimation on the fix date just yet. :( Keep an eye on the changelogs when new Cura's are released if the issue is fixed. Regards, Jeroen Jeroen
  12. This issue is solved: The raft not printing was caused by the initial layer height set faulty: Initial layer height = 0.15mm Layer height = 0.3mm The initial layer height was set way too low. The user error that occured here is not @borgqueenx his fault, since we do not warn for this in this version of Cura. In future development we will: 1. Warn the user for this error. (By a yellow input field) 2. Calculate the initial layer height for the user. Regards, Jeroen
  13. Hi, Thank you for contacting us through the forums. I've tried to recreate your issue, and it seems nearly impossible. The combination of settings necessary are: - Layer height = 0.25mm - Printer = Prusa i3 Mk2 - Raft extra margin = 5 I could not recreate this issue with an Ultimaker machine selected. Loading different models did not reproduce this issue. Please always use the layer view to review your created slice. If this issue occurs again, please post it! If we can find a way to reproduce this we can fix it! Regards, Jeroen
  14. Thanks Arjan, extremely useful! The firmware team is notified of this post!
  15. Hi JayB, Cura automatically switches to print 'one model at a time', when the models are lower than the gantry height of the printhead. If you would like to print them all at once anyways, change it here: (screenshot)
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