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  1. Doesn't appear to be the situation, but I will check anyway. Thanks for your help! I cleaned things up again, not grinding as much as before. I got off one print with no problems. I sent another of the same item and 'no print' ... I haven't opened up the feeder but I expect to find the signs of grinding. When I last unloaded the filament, it had enough pull to retract filamenth but not enough to push it through the heated head. So I could see how it might be to close. Oh well, back to it. Thanks for the help!
  2. On my UM3 , a day or so ago it started 'grinding' filament rather than pushing. It is the same roll of PLA (i have not tried another roll). The tension is set in the 'middle', and I have cleaned the knurled steel pully a couple of times and it will properly load the filament but will not push enough to print. I thought the nozzle might be clogged, but I cleaned it and it flows freely when putting it in there by hand. Suggestions please? I am considering replacing the feeders with Bondtech, but I hate to go to the expense (personal use, not commercial) on retirement type income.
  3. For me, it is mainly to 'understand' the tech and hopefully be able to use it to help others. Being retired, none of it really matters much, but I enjoy learning and learning more.
  4. I have access to another UM printer. The UM2 prints the size expected, mine prints differently on the x and y axis (my UM3 prints slightly larger on each, but different percent on each axis. Z seems OK). I will get exact measurements tomorrow, but Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions on correcting? I first noticed this when printing parts for another 3d printer that needs the parts to run. Any assistance or advice is apprecited.
  5. I have 4.10 Cura but I connect via the network to my UM3 (ethernet, it is on my local LAN). How could I connect it with USB? It only has a USB A connection on the front (typically for a USB stick), but I would love it to update the material configs in my printer
  6. I would like to request you set up a Generic in Material type for PETG that could be selected on our UM printers. I have a UM3 with the latest firmware. Thank you for your consideration.
  7. I recently purchased a UM3 (used) and got it going fairly well. Initially I got it connected to WIFI and it worked well with Cura. In the last few days, it stopped working with Cura. My router still has it and I have the IP address. The printer gives me the same address. Cura cannot connect to it. Also, only 2.4GHz, not 5GHz wifi chanels. Correct? I am open to suggestions.
  8. Anyone have a image of how the INSIDE of the feeder should be set up. Not sure mine is correct. I can't seem to move the indicator.
  9. Just a comment from the peanut gallery here, but it is grinding as Smithy said, and the 'teeth' need to be cleaned on the drive. Using a 'brass' (not steel) brush should clean it without to much problem and leave the extruder gear in good shape. Mine are doing that too. I guess that means it is not putting enough pressure on the filament to force it through.
  10. Thanks. I will give it a shot today!
  11. I am having similar issue. I just took delivery of a used UM3. It turns out it was used mainly for ToughPLA and similar higher temp material. I finally got one of 3 print cartridges to squeeze out a little of one UM PLA. I have done many hot and cold pulls, but it is still not 'clean'. If anyone has a suggestion on how to get it working, please let me know!
  12. Thats what I get from buying used on ebay. Such is life. Thanks for the info, I will contact a reseller to see what I can do. BTW, what kind of a connecter does it use? USB? Just curious. Any hints on how to remove/replace it? Like directions online?
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