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  1. Agreed. Your plugin is correct. The issue is on the firmware. I haven't retested the plugin on the UM3, as they are busy, but when I used it, it worked. So I presume the issue is only on the S5 firmware for now.
  2. The code generated is attached. First move is 0,37 (0,27 first layer height + 0,1 z offset). so it's correct. But there is a G92 just after resetting the origin to 0.27. I believe this one is not properly interpreted by the firmware. UMS5_battery_en_long.gcode
  3. Hi to all I have created a print job under Cura 3,6 using a Z Offset (with the plugin) to be printed on Ultimaker S5. The idea is to avoid squeeching the first layer on the build plate when printing with PETG and destroy the glass plate. I'm got the problem on UM3. There is a major improvement with the new bed leveling process on S5, but still first layer is a bit thin when hotend and build plate are hot. I set up the Offset to 0,1mm first. As a result, the first layer was printed in the air, 10 mm above the buildplate I then set up the offset to 0,01mm, same result I'm running the S5 with latest firmware : 5.1.7 I believe it's a bug in the firmware, not in Cura, as it worked before on UM3.d
  4. I had some time this week and been able to re install everything not using any export. It works ! Either on UM3 or S5. The override issue on Cura Connect is only on the first material and on the S5. If you override the second material, the print starts without any issues.
  5. I've done some more testing. First I have noticed, after tinkering around with the materials, that the warning in Cura on the material as disappeared, without playing with the profiles. So there is maybe an issue with my cura application support folder (I'm on Mac) Having that said, I have recreated from the Generic PLA my ColorFabb, changed my filament, going to a ColorFabb Black PLA and loading it with the PLA profile non NFC. I made a first test using the default Fast profile, sent to Cura Connect, and the job had been assigned to the S5 and print has started. Then I took my custom profile and sent it to Cura Connect and the job had been assigned to the S5 and print has started. I took an old ColorFabb PLA Black created months ago and used on my UM3 without any issues. The job had been assigned to the S5 and then I had the warning message in Cura Connect and the issue when overriding the material. So I agree that the S5 and its environnement is able to print third party materials. But there is a bug in Cura Connect, affecting only the S5 when overriding the materials. And my Cura 3.6 is somewhere corrupted. I will re install from scratch Cura on my Mac, time to write down all my profiles and materials.
  6. I agree on that. I was too quick. having a 2.85 mm system, the spools you buy don’t always match exactly the nominal diameter it’s part of the manufacturing process. So the filaments diameter has to be adjusted to the real one for fine tuning purpose. Cura supports that feature, like S3D or any slicer. So it is not the reason why I cannot override the material nor why I have a warning.
  7. It's very similar to my issue. Except I have the problem in Cura Connect queue. And the problem is only with the S5. No issues with UM3 in the same Cura Connect Group. I haven't tested directly from Cura Monitor tab. Will do it
  8. I've bought a package hardware and software. As advertised, the S5 should work with Cura Connect, not connecting directly to the printer. One of the Ultimaker selling argument is to have Cura Connect to manage all your printers.... Regarding the warning, I have also noticed it, but it works fine on the UM3 in the same Cura Connect group. I'm may reinstall from scratch Cura purging all the preferences, materials and profiles. But first I'll do the test with the default Fast profile. BTW, if all the spools must have 2,85mm diameter to comply with Cura and Ultimaker environnement, there is more than a bug, it's a design flaw.
  9. As said, I have done some more testing I have first rebooted my S5, but not resetted the Cura Connect. I have created a single extrusion job using ColorFabb Black PLA. I created the material from the Generic PLA, just renamed it and put the right parameters in. See pics 1 and 2 I have loading the filament in the S5, without any NFC, but I picked the PLA option when the printer said filament was not detected. I have send the job to Cura Connect (hosted on my S5) I've got the usual warning on Cura Connect as there is a mismatch between Cura and S5 conf. See pic 3 I clicked on the Replace button then confirmed. Pic 4 Then the job started on the printer and terminated 30 seconds after and went to the history as done. Nothing printed. So I am unable to print any third party material nor Ultimaker material without NFC. I've set up the same job using Ultimaker Tough PLA Black and loaded it in the S5 using the NFC. And the job is printing ... So I bought a printer that prints only the manufacturer material though is it stated in the tech specs that it's compliant with third party material. For a 6K professional grade printer it is a serious issue and I may reconsider my purchase.
  10. Thanks for you reply I haven't tried reconfiguring the printers in order to recreate my UM3 group and an S5 group, maybe it will work. But I need to have all my printer available and reboot them / reset cura connect. The reasons why I made only one group are : - you can use the Cura connect app on smartphone and have a view of all your printer from outside (yes I use a VPN for that) - same through a browser. - you have some very cool features in Cura Connect when the server is the S5 : reprint a job already done without having to re slice in Cura. By the way, the only way to have S5 and UM3 in the same Cura Connect Group is to set the S5 Group Host.. Tomorrow I will try to print a job using only generic material, as I rebooted the S5 this morning and the fact I managed to print a job with material 2 non NFC may be a good clue.
  11. Thanks Smithy for reformulating your previous post. I'm pretty used to Cura / Cura Connect as I operate 2 Ultimaker 3 Extended for a year now with Cura Connect. I have created profiles in Cura derived from the generic profiles. See pic. When I load the material on my UM3, I just select the PLA on the UM3. Sending the job to Cura Connect, it will be pending until you change the configuration as prompted in the warning message in Cura Connect. Then you confirm the change et voila ! The print starts. If I want to do the same with my S5, in the last step, I confirm the change, the print starts and then aborts within 30 seconds. But if I take the same material configuration, change the printer in Cura to UM3E, using the same Cura Connect, it works fine. So the problem is definitely with the S5. Something in the firmware....
  12. Thanks for your inputs. I use LAN / cable connection from the start as wifi is not reliable and with lower speed than LAN Connection. The other point is for cost reasons, I don't use that much Ultimaker filament : too expensive for PLA / ABS / PETG / ASA / Nylon then renowned brands on the market (ColorFabb, Polymaker, FormFutura, Taulman, ...). Quality is very good, but the third parties are also very good. As the S5 is commercialized as compliant with third party materials, using the Generic profile or derived from generic, it should work. I need to do some more tests tomorrow morning, as I had a print working this afternoon with the material 2 non NFC (tough is was Ultimaker PVA) and material 1 NFC recognized.
  13. Quick update. I have tried to print a dual extrusion job, using PVA. But I put the PVA Spool in the dry box, just put the Tough PLA spool on the NFC. I've got the warning as the PVA Is recognized as generic in the S5. I've replaced the configuration and acknowledged, the job started without issues. So is the problem linked to the main material not using NFC ?
  14. Correct. I had to reconfigure Cura Connect with the S5 grioup host and the two UM3 part of it, after resetting all printers’ queue. The issue is only on the S5. The two UM3 are behaving like before.
  15. Just to clarify. If you set up a job in Cura using for example a ColorFabb PLA derived from the Generic PLA material and load a PLA in the UM3 without using the NFC, then the material in the UM3 will be displayed as Unknown PLA. Sending the job to Cura Connect, assigned to the UM3, it will go to the right queue. A warning will be raised asking if you want to modify the configuration in order to use the ColorFabb PLA instead of the Unknown PLA (or a message similar, don't remember the exact wording). If you agree, then you'll have to acknowledge the change and the prints starts. With the S5, it's the same scenario, but after starting the job, it is terminated within a minute, without doing anything and the job is archived in the history.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I am using Cura + Cura Connect + UM3E for a year now, without any issues with other filaments than Ultimaker, doing the same procedure as the one you've described. I print nearly 24/7 with the UM3E. But with the S5 unboxed from this morning, it is not working.
  17. Hi, I have broken the piggy bank for a brand new S5. I'm a 3D Printing Service provider. I've done the welcome procedure and updated the firmware to the latest one (5.1.7) Unfortunately, after setting it up, I am not able to print with it, as if the material is not detected by NFC, the job does not start : If I set up my print in Cura using for example Ultimaker Tough PLA Black and not using the NFC to detect the spool when loading the material (I use dry boxes), the material is then PLA Unknown in the S5. I send the job to Cura Connect, it is assigned to my S5, but I need to override the configuration and confirm. Then the job starts but quits within a minute and goes to the history. If I load the filament using the NFC, the job will start at once. I have two Ultimaker 3, and the same scenario works fine. I print mostly with non Ultimaker spools on them since a year now without any flaw. Is it a bug in the firmware? In that case, I've bought a 6K professional printer that standing in my office not working. Is it a new feature of the Ultimaker ecosystem? In that case, the printer will return directly to the distributor and I'll go for a Stacker S4 even if it's 1.75 filament unlike all my other printers. Quick feedback welcome.
  18. Hi Ultiarjan Yes, that's one good option, but needs some investments and when you have covers on the UM3, there is not much room for external camera inside. Use of surveillance cameras is also a good option, as you don't need a Raspberry PI + VPN to access your cameras. As there is already cameras, web server implemented in Cura Connect and UM3, it is also easy to implement at least a pause in the end job process or best, one of the option suggested by Roderick. Given the price of the Ultimaker printer, having a view of the complete print shouldn't be an option, but part of the standard package.
  19. Hi Roderick First, I am providing 3D Print Services on B2B and B2C, so I try to operate my printers 24 by 7 or so. For the moment, I am working alone, so I don't always go directly to my office before any meeting (my offices are 20 km away from home). When I have critical jobs (deadline or touchy prints) I like to have a view of the complete print to decide if I change my plan and rush to my office to fix the problem. So basically, my need is a view of the final product to take a decision on a reprint or fix. For sure, a snapshot of the part or a timelapse, even if all the finest details won't appear, would be a good solution. It would avoid me investing in additional network cameras (and switches, fixtures, ....) to have the feature. Thanks for you help Kind regards David
  20. Hi to all I really like the cura connect application, specially using a VPN to have a view on the prints ongoing on my UM3Es. But the fact that at end of the job the build plate is lowered down is very annoying (to be polite ...), as you have no more view of the print from the camera. I am operating 24 hours the printer and I like to be able when waking up on the morning to check if the prints done during the night are good without going to my office. i have another printer using a Duet3d board and it is very simple to do so as the build plate just go down 10 mm and the head home X/Y, so the print stays in the camera field. Is there a way to tweak the firmware to do so? Thanks for your feedback David
  21. Up !!!! It is an annoying regression from 3.2.1. I’m running under High Sierra. Thanks for your feedback
  22. Hi Since I've upgraded to 3.3.1 on my Mac, I no longer have access to network drives when saving a project. Is that normal ? Best David
  23. Hi gr5. Yes nozzle was at the working temp for the material 220 °C. And the jamming occurs when the PLA softens.
  24. I have successfully printed my retraction test with 2 mm retraction (Ultimaker PLA settings) with my second Hardcore. Just some slight banding linked with temperature a bit low due to the run in period of the Hardcore (220°C max for 2 hours). I have done the suggested tests with the faulty Hardcore and temperature tests looks good. However the test done without any nozzle is showing some difficulties to go through the core with the filament, as soon as it softens and expands. Reaching 3,1 mm diameter, the filament gets stucked in the core, close to the heatbreak. So the problem definitely seems to be on the ptfe tubing.
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