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  1. Does your DHCP server advertise another NTP server to use? If no NTP servers are available either from the local network or the internet, the printer will indeed not have a valid time. We've fixed the reliance of a correct time with the current stable, but of course, this will only help you when updating from 5.2.11 to a next version.
  2. Hi Sassw, what steps did you do to install the firmware (from what version did you update, USB or over internet?) In what state does the S5 fail when you now boot your printer?
  3. Can you outline the exact steps that you took? For most users, doing the factory reset enables them to do the Wi-Fi setup again and have a connection setup. You need to perform this setup before the toggle becomes available. Can you verify that you did the Wi-Fi setup before you toggled between Wi-Fi and ethernet?
  4. Just to confirm; you are on the 5.2.8 version? Did you do the factory reset and try to connect to the Wi-Fi again? For most users, doing a factory reset enables them to go through the Wi-Fi setup. You need to do the setup before you can enable the Wi-fi toggle. If you are unable to connect the printer to either Wi-Fi or Ethernet, please contact your sales partner for a solution.
  5. A quick workaround for this procedure is to manually feed in the filament at the start of the print. This will be fixed in our next release.
  6. Yes, because the "Never" option after having done the calibration once does not guarantee the best results. We've changed the way never works; it now does not apply any offset. You now have the option to manually calibrate the build plate and have no offsets applied when you choose never. But I would still like to see the results of the diagnostic tests to see how we can fix your problem.
  7. Can you check and do the procedure as explained on our support pages? Especially the new diagnostics on 5.2: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52808-capacitive-sensor-low-performance-or-interference-detected With this update, we've made the auto leveling more reliable. Unfortunately, this also means that we have to be more strict about what readings we 'approve' so that the auto leveling procedure does not start a print with less-than-ideal values. For example, a lot of customers had problems because of blobs being under the nozzle when the probing procedure would run. We now
  8. Hi All, We've got reports from users trying to update their unconnected printers using USB that they could not initiate the update. This is due to a failing consistency check, prohibiting the update when the printer can not get the correct date over a network connection. To prevent confusion, we've removed the download links from the update page. We will reinstate the links soon.
  9. I've tried this myself by building a positive mold, then creating a food save negative from silicone. However, the surface was too rough for the chocolate to become nice and shiny. I did not yet try to smooth out the printed part, it's on my big list of things to try 🙂
  10. @ScanHD Can you please DM me the logs of your printer? I would like to see what is happening in your case and see where we can help. You can also email them to w.elfring@ultimaker.com Settings -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Save log files to USB
  11. @ultiarjan , thanks for trying this version! We also probe the 'movement area' of the first layer since we need to move there with the nozzle, so we also need to compensate for build plate deformation in order to prevent potentially scratching the bed. That is why you are seeing the bigger probe area you illustrate.
  12. Ah, I missed that in your original post. Are you able to DM me the firmware version and logs after it happens? We'd like to investigate this further since this kind of behaviour normally only happens when there is an error. But looking at your video, it seems to finish the print just fine.
  13. We've made some changes to the end-print-behaviour in the next firmware update that will reduce the sound by a bit. However, it is indeed nothing to worry about. The build plate dropping down for the last few mm's does not damage the machine.
  14. The URL from Smithy is the same one that the printer accesses when it's downloaded through the network, so it should work. Additionally, could you try to download these files through another browser?
  15. Hi Dextop, What printer are you using and at what firmware are you on currently?
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