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  1. WesleyE

    Ultimaker S5 Bed Drop After Finished Print

    Ah, I missed that in your original post. Are you able to DM me the firmware version and logs after it happens? We'd like to investigate this further since this kind of behaviour normally only happens when there is an error. But looking at your video, it seems to finish the print just fine.
  2. WesleyE

    Ultimaker S5 Bed Drop After Finished Print

    We've made some changes to the end-print-behaviour in the next firmware update that will reduce the sound by a bit. However, it is indeed nothing to worry about. The build plate dropping down for the last few mm's does not damage the machine.
  3. The URL from Smithy is the same one that the printer accesses when it's downloaded through the network, so it should work. Additionally, could you try to download these files through another browser?
  4. WesleyE

    Firmware downgrade

    Hi Dextop, What printer are you using and at what firmware are you on currently?
  5. WesleyE

    S5 network connection and drivers

    Welcome to the forums! The IP and MAC address are indeed found in the menu. There is a small hoop to jump through when you don't have a connection yet and want to see the MAC address. I've outlined how to get that here. There is indeed no driver necessary. If your IT department needs ports: 80 (API, Webcam, Cura, Cura Connect), 5353 (Zero-conf/mDNS). Hope this helps you out. If you've got more questions, please let us know.
  6. We've fixed this issue in the next release of the firmware, it removes the delay in moving the printhead away from the model.
  7. WesleyE

    autoleveling issues second nozzle

    If you drop the print head bracket down, you'll see a small board at the back of the bracket. That is the sensor. May I ask, is this a UM3(e), an S5 and how old is the printer? If it is an older UM3, it might have a print core spring that has become too loose. Either way, please contact your reseller.
  8. WesleyE

    autoleveling issues second nozzle

    Hi Florian, Can you try to power down the printer and try again? This might seem stupid, but the sensor is highly sensitive and calibrates itself. If by any chance, you've touched the sensor or had your hands in the machine at the time it calibrates, you could get strange readings causing the printer to not find the bed. If the problem persists, it could be that the sensor is broken. In that case, please contact your reseller.
  9. WesleyE

    Ultimaker s5 no WiFi option in menu

    I'm checking our official stance on this topic and will get back to you.
  10. WesleyE

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    @Bigbrit, what is the issue that you are experiencing? I noticed that you mentioned that your WiFi disconnects every so often. Is it completely unreachable by Cura and Cura Connect? Does the printer menu show it is disconnected?
  11. WesleyE

    Ultimaker S5 - one material appears to be empty

    That does not look good. Can you check a few things to rule out some causes? Can you check if you're in the latest version of the firmware? We improved the end of filament detection a lot since the first launch. Also, has this always been the case with your S5, or did this behavior start recently?
  12. WesleyE

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Both properly displaying the MAC addresses of both interfaces and the requests for static IP's are on our backlog. Not displaying the MAC addresses has indeed been an oversight that we are looking to fix quickly, but I'm not sure it can be worked in before our next release, so no promises. With most users so far we have been able to find a workaround for the static IP's, so this has not been a top priority for us before. However, we are getting a lot of requests (not only on these forums) for supporting more network configurations and are actively looking to build support for those configurations. It is on our backlog, but I can not promise you guys a timeframe for now.
  13. WesleyE

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Hi @asb , the ethernet mac address should have been in the 'Network' dialog, however, currently it is not. I've added this to our backlog to be fixed. There is a workaround: The last part of the hostname is the same as the MAC address and does keep on-screen even if a network cable has not been plugged in. For WiFi, this is a bit different because we actually power down the module (security/power reasons) so we can't get the MAC address before you switch it on. Hope this helps you in the meantime.
  14. WesleyE

    S5 Connection Options

    Hi @GBuchwitz, an external HDD would work just fine, assuming no extra drivers are needed for the disk. Any USB Mass Storage device will work. Keep in mind, you can also use the UM3/UM3 Extended to test with as the control hardware is mostly the same (except for the screen ofc). Can you post the HDD type so we are able to check the compatibility? For ethernet; You can use any network cable For most modern devices, it does not have to be a cross cable. The device should auto-sense the pairs. My Mac automatically creates a DHCP server that gives the Ultimaker the IP address it needs. For Windows, this might be locked down by your IT department. The last option might be just asking your IT department how you should use the machine, they might be able to set up a dedicated network, or come up with an option that let you do your work (as they should ? ).
  15. WesleyE

    Bed Leveling not working anymore

    Hi SmartBlug, Just to make sure, did you change anything to the head? Something conductive on the four screws on top of the head? You also do not reach into the machine while it's probing? If the answer to all these questions is 'no' and this is repeatable, it sounds like the capacitive sensor is not working as it should. I recommend that you contact your supplier/store and check with them for a replacement or repair.

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