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  1. Thanks for input, I will give it a try and run some different extrusion lengths using a slow speed, and see what results that gets me 🙂
  2. Hi I've spent the evening working with estep calibration on my UM2+ Below are the results. I hope you understand the data 🙂 The time the extruder ran was as perfect as I could measure each time. (And it seems my response time is always very close to 0.15 seconds 😉 ) First of all a notice on what I assume is some kind of bug. The first extrusion run after every M92 change of the estep value, gives a way off result. So, I have tested three extrusion lengths 100mm, 200mm and 300mm. It seems the longer extrusion run, the less filament is extruded. So, at the third and last setting in
  3. Hi Will Tinker "get rid" of the materials functionality in the printer, so that the temp and retractionsettings etc from Cura will take precedence?
  4. Still a problem that it isn't expained by the tooltip....
  5. X-Type

    UM2+ FW

    Ok, thanks! Then the used UM2+ I got today has the latest FW. Good :)
  6. X-Type

    UM2+ FW

    Hi What's the latest FW version for the UM2+? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
  8. Thanks. I have no specific reason to suspect anything was tampered with, I just wondered about the numbers, and that it seemed to be a big difference. And then there could be a good explanation, if the printer has been used with USB interface, I understand it may have been running for close to 400h rather than 9h. I guess the amount of original filament remaining, will give me a hint on this 😉
  9. Any risk the hours meter has been reset, by firmware update or the like?
  10. Thanks! That's great. I think I'll be buying this one then :) So 3 meters of filament i 8h44m is about 5,7mm filament / minute I guess that is a normal consumption then.
  11. Hi When the printer shows the following runtime stats, what does that actually mean? Machine on for: 389:57 Printing 8:44 Mat: 3m Thanks!
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