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  1. That is correct, with 6.4 we have a new "deprime" procedure for all Ultimaker Material Profiles. That ensures a nice tip shape at the end of the filament. In 6.5 (coming out in a couple of weeks) we will also roll out the same behaviour for all the generic material profiles.
  2. Personally I have not used windows since '95, so I am afraid I'm the wrong person to ask this 😉
  3. Ok, thanks! We will have a fix for that in version 6.5 (expect around 3rd week of june).
  4. Jonas this bug will be fixed in 6.4.1, do you want your name to be mentioned in the release notes? 😉
  5. When you say disconnects you mean you don't see the printer online in Cura or when you go to the Digital Factory page? In that case there is a fix on the way for that issue! \o/
  6. I don't think the size is the limit, but the file system is. The printers are Linux based and Linux does not really have very good support for NTFS. FAT32 can be as big as 8TB? So why not just try big partitions with FAT32?
  7. Yes, we are working on that.. Cura can be stubborn now and then 😉
  8. Also important to notice: Sometimes you get a stuck screen, but the printer is not actually "bricked" a reboot (or two) sometimes also works. If you have tried rebooting and that did not help, it's time for different measures. If you have developer mode set to on, it's always good to see whether or not you can still log into the printer (not for the fainthearted). If rebooting doesn't fix it, contact support.
  9. Good time for a spring cleaning, I hope you enjoy the new firmware!
  10. The deprime has been much improved in 6.4 (The Ultimaker material profiles only for now). Please give it a try, you should see much beter results. Next big release (6.5) will also have the same improvements for generic material profiles.
  11. Good catch! I've looked it up and it looks it was introduced in 5.5 or 5.6. It will be fixed in the next release.
  12. When you say "error" can you be more specific? What kind of error? Maybe even take a quick photo of the screen (while you are at it, also take a photo of the printhead that shows where the filament is). I think there are better ways to get out of the situation, but we really need a little bit more information to help guide you out of it.
  13. The bug is confirmed. We will fix this asap. Again thanks for reporting!
  14. Hey Jonas, thanks for the bug report. We'll look into it.
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