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  1. I'm afraid nothing really changed in the network part nor the webcam part for 5.8.1 Personally I like to default to printing over cloud even though my printers are 1,5 meters (corona safe) away from me. As printing over cloud is going to have so much more benefits in the feature. Are you using ethernet or wifi? We have found ethernet to be far more reliable in many cases. Also having a mixed network (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with the same SSID can cause issues for S3 and some S5's. n.b. We are in the process of updating the underlying OS of the printer. We hope this
  2. Please make sure all your spools are aligned to the left. When inserting place them as far left (within each bay) as possible. We are working on improving the NFC reading reliability. For now this workaround should help in most cases.
  3. We (The firmware team) are going to look into this. We have not seen this in our normal test-routines and we do always test all happy and unhappy flows. But we will re-test this specific scenario. Any special information about your setup? What kind of material was it?
  4. Update: I'm very much pretty sure, we will not see this before 2021. But, we are going to go forward on this, so it's not forgotten.
  5. Yes, er998 is a so called uncaught exception, that means something went wrong and the system had no way of "catching" this situation, the trouble with it is: It can be all sorts of things.. In the last couple of months (and in version 5.8) we have already solved a couple of causes for er998, but not all.. So working with support to give us the logfiles greatly helps us finding the root causes.
  6. This is not 5.8 specific we identified this behaviour in previous versions as well and started investigating the root cause. We think we have found the root cause and will address this soon (after we fix "manual unloading" and some other bugs). If you make sure all your spools are aligned to the left of the bay it does work better.
  7. Yes, we are working on that.. Together with upgrading the OS the printer is using, that's why it taking some time. But it does have our attention.
  8. Yes, we are working on 5.8.1 (expect within 2-3 weeks) that will have unload and also contains some bugfixes that did not make 5.8. Yes, we are also going to fix that. Might not be in 5.8.1, but will then be in the release right after that one. That's clear. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. We are also not in the US 😉 Ultimaker is a Dutch company, so I think we are "neighbors" 😉 LOL, I will try, espresso cappuccino?
  10. That position looks right to me. We park the material inside the Bowden-tube a few centimeters up.
  11. That does look like it's in the right position. We have seen issues with TPU (not specifically related to the 5.8.0 firmware), but more due to the flexible nature of the material in combination with the material station. We are going to change some parameters in the material definition that should help with this specific problem, that will be in the next release. For now, maybe try with a prime-blob? p.s. What do you mean with gadgets off? Is that a google translation gone haywire?
  12. The filament will unload when you start a print with different filament. So if you are using UM Filament "the parking" should not really be a problem. The filament park position should be just above where the Bowden tube connects with the Print Core. If you are unsure, can you post a photo here?
  13. LOL.. So true, we are not Philips 😉 Anyway, I will make not of this request, I do see the use, I'll discuss this with the team and with our UX specialist and see if we can do anything with it.
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