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  1. If not defined by a material profile, the default value is: the material should stay in "parked" for 2 hours. Sounds like you might have an issue in your material profile. Is it generic? Or is it a selfmade one? What material is used? Do you have a spool of Ultimaker material and could you see how it works with say Ultimaker PLA?
  2. What we want to do is show the 5 or 6 most used materials in the first list then you can click "show the rest" where you can dive deep and select an other. The idea is that in 80% of the time one only uses up to 5-6 materials. Yes, if you turn on the firewall you can only print via DF or USB (of course). Personally I prefer printing via cloud. It might sound strange, but it's faster for me? To sync materials you currently do need to disable the firewall, we are working on a alternative way of updating materials, but that will take some time.
  3. There was a bug in 6.1.0 that was triggered in about 1 in 100 cases. (Technically the upgrade worked and if you had dev-mode on it was easily fixed). This bug is fixed in 6.1.1 and it should be safe to upgrade. Currently there are 500+ S5's already on 6.1.1. with out any issue.
  4. Does this problem persist? If so, could you please contact support about it? Do you remember where the printhead was before you started the upgrade?
  5. It is one of the reasons why we are changing our release schedule. We are going to work with a Stable and Latest channel. People who want latest and greatest can just stay on latest (about 8 releases per year) and always get updates. People who want more stability can choose "Stable". We will only release about 3 times a year to Stable and only with features that are already (previously) released to Latest. We are indeed spending more and more time on this issue. We do not only extensively test all releases with many different configurations (both hardware and firmware),
  6. Hmm, that is not the case, you can still use local network (directly print from Cura to your printer) with 6.1.1 I sure hope you have discovered this by now 🙂
  7. The release notes did not clearly state this?
  8. WiFi will always (also in 2021) be less reliable than ethernet. That has nothing to do with 10+ yr old ideas but with 100+ yr old physics. There will always be more interference on the 2.4Ghz band (try wifi near a microwave) and 5Ghz (not supported by the printers btw) only works well when you are really near to the AP. Ethernet with UTP has near to none interference (unless your cable is more than 100m). The UM3 and S5 have different wifi chipsets as far as I know. Like I stated before, there a literally hundreds of UM printers that work well with wifi, but we always recommend using ethernet
  9. If you can reproduce this (make it happen again) we would like to see the logfiles. Could you then file a report with support? Because it should work the same as in 5.8.2.
  10. Yes, and the firewall is not enabled by default.
  11. With dev-mode activated ssh is on. I've used it myself on 5.8.x and now on 6.x
  12. It could be that your wifi chip on that specific machine has issues? We literally have hundreds of S5's connected with wifi. Wifi is not as stable as ethernet of course, but it should work in most cases. What version of firmware are you using btw?
  13. Do you mean 5.8.1? Or was it really 5.1.8?
  14. If it's still on this screen for more than 20 minutes, try to reboot it. Upgrading specially with a Material Station can sometimes take longer because it might also upgrade the firmware of the material station. What was the version you upgraded from?
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