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  1. When you say "error" can you be more specific? What kind of error? Maybe even take a quick photo of the screen (while you are at it, also take a photo of the printhead that shows where the filament is). I think there are better ways to get out of the situation, but we really need a little bit more information to help guide you out of it.
  2. The bug is confirmed. We will fix this asap. Again thanks for reporting!
  3. Hey Jonas, thanks for the bug report. We'll look into it.
  4. I honestly don't think you need to do a complete restore then this happens. Have you tried to reboot the printer (again)? It could be that you maybe need to do it again. One other (maybe more safe) option is to enable the developer mode. Because maybe it's only the screen that is stuck and not the whole system. In that case you could log-in to the printer and just type reboot. Also, we would really like to have your log files as there is clearly something going on there. Could you contact support and coordinate with them to give us the logfiles? p.s. ER65 is a flow
  5. Can you tell us a little bit about the wifi setup? If you want just send me a pvt message on the forum. I would be specifically be interested in: Is it: 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz ? Does it use the same SSID? What kind of security? (WEP/WPA/WPA2), what is the brand of WiFi access points (or router)? Also, you could try to setup wifi via USB this way: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018123920-Network-setup-via-USB-
  6. Looks like there is a issue with the site and Chrome browsers. If you right click on the link and choice "Save as" it does work (or if you have it, use Firefox, Safari, maybe even Edge) 😉
  7. With what material? Is it with Ultimaker material or with other?
  8. Ah, yes I think some of our debug setups have these extensions on the SD card. However it is far from normal to have to use them. When you say "bricked" what exactly do you mean? Because a black display or a stuck boot (with the Ultimaker logo) does not mean it is bricked perse. Also it might be a good idea to turn on dev-mode and ssh. That way you can get "into" the machine if you think something is fishy and you might be able to type something like "reboot" and have the system restart itself. I'll ask one of the engineers to comment on what the use to extend the SD reader as I ha
  9. There are no changes made with regard to the Air Manager or ER86. I suggest you contact support as the air manager fan may be faulty. ER86 is triggered if the fan can not reach the desired speed (with a fault margin of about 70%). So if you see a ER86, that means the fan is really not spinning at the right speed. (You might not be able to see this with the naked eye).
  10. I am afraid the existing print is lost. I also think it's a good idea to contact support again and send them the logfiles. We need to investigate what's going on here.
  11. Sometimes that would work, but not in the case when there is material stuck within the Material Station for instance.
  12. Ah, that might very well be the issue. Could you try to append the 5G SSID with _5G for instance? I think that might solve your problem.
  13. Do you maybe have a 2.4 Ghz and 5.8Ghz wifi network with the same SSID?
  14. Can you also tell us, is it Ultimaker material (with NFC) or is it? 3rd party? and what firmware version is the printer running on? I agree with @carbon that changing bays might be the best option for now. Or does that not help?
  15. --> https://github.com/Ultimaker/UltimakerMarlin
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