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  2. Oh that's an interesting work-around. Thanks. Still think it should say on this screen... and the app should alert you.
  3. When it gives that message, notice the position of the nozzle lever switch. If it points forward, it is happening on Extruder 1. If it points backwards, away from the front of the machine, it is extruder 2.
  4. If it works. Kinda killed one of my prints because it failed to do so.
  5. This is often done using a plugin in OctoPrint named OctoLapse.
  6. Danke für die Antwort. Gedruckt habe ich mit PLA, weiß. Ei PETG habe ich das auch, da weiss ich aber ziemlich sicher, dass es am Material liegt. Ich vermute Mal, dass die Buildplate uneben ist, wenn auch nur minimal denn egal wie ich level, ganz gerade wird nie jede Stelle des Bettes. Habe mir soeben eine neue Platte bestellt und werde dann meine Ergebnisse teilen. Bekommt man diese Spuren bei PETG aufgrund des Klebens des Materials irgendwie weg?
  7. Oh yeah I did that, that was easy to find right on the screen, but then the PVA snapped when the print was about 80% done so the last 20% had no supports. I'd prefer to have the run out sensor to detect run outs... but not trigger six or seven times when nothing is wrong. I still don't know if it was the PLA or PVA extruder it thought was having issues either.
  8. I’m my personal experience the bootup of um2 boards usually are due a bad heater. It’s easy to debug, heat bed for X minutes (same as the time needed to reboot while printing). Then turn off. Then heat hotend for the same time (or more ofc). Then finally if doesn’t fail heat both hotend and bed for X minutes, if only then fails it might be the psu, otherwise is a heater block
  9. You can certainly disable the flow sensor if you want @BRLewitt. It's in the menu system somewhere. On the other hand it can be a lifesaver. It matters how you feed the filament into the feeder - make sure you use the correct filament guide.
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  11. I wondered if it was the firmware upgrade because it hadn't occurred before but did after the update. But I didn't have enough prints to say with certainty either way. Still it's so strange it neither says which one it thinks is out and that the app doesn't notify you when there is an issue. I hope they address those oversights ASAP. Ben
  12. Also, over theweekend, the S5 failed to detect when my UM PVA stopped feeding.
  13. Si je pense que ça peut faire l'affaire mais j'ai toujours un peu d'apréhension avec les températures ^^ Ce qui serait cool, ce serait un système de soufflerie à haute pression ce sera surement plus rapide à voir... Je n'ai jamais fais de double extrusion encore et c'est un peu pour cela... Ou alors avoir le moins de PVA possible (juste sur les derniers layers des supports)
  14. I actually upgraded to the new firmware over the weekend and in this case, it did not pause the print when my UM PVA stopped due to a ground down area.
  15. Thank you very much! I'll try to find some middle ground then and change those settings.
  16. Quoi ! c'est une blague 😄 ça va prendre des plombes ! les alvéoles sont bien protégées pas 2 couches de PLA bien sérré. Il faut que je trouve autre chose, dans un four à 50°C, comme une étuve ? Déjà que la dissolution met au moins 12h + le séchage à la main, c'est loin d'être productif la double extrusion PVA?? Je suis déçu là ☹️
  17. I have this also on my fifth or so print on the unit and can't tell which extruder it thinks is having the issue. I resume and it resumes without incident having wasted untold time because it keeps happening. As such I have two observations... One, why doesn't the warning message or app indicate which extruder it thinks is out? That seems like a no-brainer. I suppose the designers could have assumed that'd be self-evident but clearly in the case of false positives... it'd be really nice to know which extruder to investigate. If it does indicate that somewhere, I missed it. Two, why does the mobile app not use its notification power to tell you there's an issue? It says when the print starts and when it'd done, but one would think it's self-evident that if there's an pause/issue it'd draw your attention to that. Hopefully those two oversights will be addressed in the next firmware. To get the print to keep going I turned off the flow sensor and of course the PVA snapped at the extruder when the print was about 80% done. A flow sensor would have been very useful had I not had to disable it for constant false positives. Ben
  18. Hello @kulfuerst, no it has not changed yet. The only workaround currently is to not use a bridge wall speed that is very much less than the normal wall speed.
  19. Awesome - that fixed the problem. Thank you very much! I did not expect it to have any impact as the general support option was switched off. Best regards Lasse
  20. thank you peterbrown77 for your answer. I tried but I couldn't that way. A message similar to "...material has been imported..." but it didn't worked.
  21. I've printed a number of parts using woodfill and copperfil. I would not try this on a BB core. Indeed, once you get to 0.4 and below on an AA core, the printer needs to be monitored for clogging. I do like the results though! The way solids are suspended in the filament makes both of them somewhat prone to clogging if your print involves retraction. I have run them in a hardcore (AA) down to 0.25 nozzle, but that works for short duration prints only, after which I have to do both hot and cold pulls to clear things out. I'm not sure it would be possible to clear out a BB nozzle without doing harm to it. This thread is related, I hope this helps. Have fun John
  22. Soufflette ou sèche cheveux :) Au moins tu souffles de l'air froid ou ambiant 😉
  23. I've tried ABS-X and it worked very very well. The ASA recommended earlier does not, same issues with adhesion etc.
  24. Je teste la double extrusion, ok c'est génial le support soluble PVA, mais quid de l'eau qui c'est accumulée dans les alvéoles du modèle rempli à 20% qui ne part pas ! ou au compte goutte à travers les couches, ça va pendre des jours ! Quelqu'un à une solution pour se débarrasser de l'eau emprisonnée ? mettre la pièce au four... ? sinon les impressions sont inutilisables pour faire des assemblages "mouillés" Merci bcp
  25. I opened a previous version's Cura file and got the data from the settings
  26. 如果使用“树型支撑”,支撑密度要设置为0,不然树形支撑内部就会打印填充。
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